How to reset/repair winsock (windows socket) (Windows XP/VISTA/7/8)

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Some third-party program will rewrite Windows TCP/IP protocol if you install such a program onto your computer. For rare reason your computer will lose network connection if you uninstall the program incorrectly.

If you are not a computer technician, please do not feel frustrated, you can do with the following steps reset winsock, so easy!

1. Click the Start button
2. Type ‘cmd‘  in the Start Search text box.
3. Press ‘Enter‘ key  to run Command Prompt. , if you are use windows Vista/7/8, please press’CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER’ to run the Command Prompt as administrator.
4. Type: netsh winsock reset in the Command Prompt shell, and hit Enter.

5. Restart the computer

6. If you can not enter Windows due to a winsock error, please start Windows with The safe mode, then use the command to reset winsock, and then restart Windows with normal mode.
Hope this will help you.

Watch your home to see is there a thief in your house when you are at work in the office?

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Watch your home to see is there a thief in your house when you are at work in the office?
“Yes, you can!” In an high tech exhibition hall, the staff told reporters, “This is the latest mobile phone monitoring service, as long as you install a camera in the home, then stay  at the workplace, you can open the mobile client or login phone WAP service, you can see live picture of the remote camera in your house to check if there has a thief entered your house or not. ”

Not only a small cell phone monitoring function achieved easily, but also you can remote control home appliances through family intelligent terminal. “For example, the weather is hot, you can open the air-condition through  your mobile phone to set a suitable temperature on the way home, and you you can enjoy a refreshing home directly when you back home.” For “lazy people”, it will be even more convenient, after go to bed, If you find the living room lights is on, forgot to shut the TV, it does not matter, the new hign tech will  make you to be a lazy people!

Mobile phone monitoring software

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Phone monitoring software is to use a cell phone for some purpose to monitor and even control another phone software.

The purpose of mobile phone monitoring between malicious and goodwill, to the malicious,  if someone installs a monitoring application onto a  mobile phone secretly, it can monitor all the movement of the mobile phone, such as eavesdropping on their calls and text messages. After the well-intentioned as parents on their child’s phone to install monitoring software, you can know your the child’s location in real time, the child’s text message conversations with his/her friends and web browsing content in order to protect the child’s healthy growth.

A very handy use is when you mobile phone is stolen , you can  timely delete the critical data and information from the stolen phone, or even lock stolen phone to let the thief can not use it anymore.

Basic Information

Phone monitoring software is for certain purposes, using the user’s negligence or mobile phone network security vulnerabilities, the special program installed on the phone can steal phone calls and messages, and it can exposing the phone user privacy. It can also secretly record phone calls and text messages and sent to the a specified email account. Over all, only the smart phone can  install such a software, if your phone is not a smart phone you do not need to panic!

Function can be realized
1 , Phone monitoring
You can monitor the actual target phone calls, when the target phone starts a telephone conversation , you will receive a secret SMS notification .
2. Environmental sound monitor
You can remotely activate the microphone remotely, hear sound from the target phone , such as talking in the room , shouting voices on the street , or voice on a commercial secret meetings.

3 , Read text messages
Read the contents of all SMS messages sent and received ; even if the user has deleted the message after read , you will still get the message content backup.

4 , Read e-mail
5, GPS location tracking
6 , cell base station location
7 , contacts inquiry
8 , Web History
9, SIM card change notification
10, the video camera

Help your child to form a healthy online behavior

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Nowadays, accompanied by the widespread expansion of network, many children spend a mount of time to be addicted in network, such as play online game, chat, even browse some unhealthy website and so on, which result in decreasing vision, low concentration in class, dull-looking and making some bad friends. Do you worried about your child’s online behavior? Can you control your child’s internet time?

The generation of keylogger can help you solve this problems,IMonitor Power Keylogger for is a well designed and all-in-one spy software for home and office use. Monitor how your computer has been used when you are absent. Power Keylogger software works in stealth mode, silently and smoothly.

IMonitor Power Keylogger can secretly record your child’s all computer activities and internet activities, such as email, webmail, instant messages (MSN, ICQ, AIM, Skype and Yahoo Messenger), keystrokes, screenshots, websites history , file activity or all programs user runs and work duration in every application, etc. Additionally it can send logs in HTML format to a pre-set email box.

Meanwhile, keylogger is a computer time control software and parental control software for parents and home use. It allows you to limit and control kids’ computer & internet time and set time limits of kid’s work duration and break duration. If you are concerned about that your children spend too much time on playing online games on the computer. Time Sheriff will offer a solution for you.

As a parents, to be a good guider is quite important for your children, when you find their bad behavior or spending too much time online, you can choose a good way to guide them or limit their internet time through keylogger. Keylogger in IMonitorSoft Companyis affordable and easy to use. If you are troubled by these problems, you will find the powerful feature of keylogger after using it.

Promotion the efficiency of employee

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With the popular application of computer and internet, people achieve an unprecedented informationization in entertainment, communication, learn, work and other aspects, which extremely improve the life quality and work efficiency. However, whether can you feel the “unsafe” negative factor produced by computer when you enjoy the convenience?

As a Business Management, can you find some problems below to trouble you?

1)       Employee spent much time to watch the entertainment news in working hours.

2)       Chat software is used in private chat to decrease the work efficiency.

3)       Email communication solicits the corporate customer to do personal work.

4)       Employee Install the software that the company doesn’t allow.

5)       Employee even use computer to play game when the employer is absent.

6)       Employee use removable memory disk to leak the company’s confidential information.

Abundance resource are wasted and work efficiency was badly affected.

Imonitor EAM is a professional network monitoring software, which is widely used in small, middle-size, and big company. This software has a powerful function and is easy to operate. The

Imonitor EAM is tailor-made product for company manager, which can enhance production efficiency and reduce the unnecessary wasting of resources to help the enterpriser to cultivate an excellent atmosphere for company.

The Imonitor EAM has a comprehensive function

1)       Real-time screen monitoring: the employer have a panoramic view about employee’s behavior.

2)       Chat monitoring: the imonitor EAM can monitor the content of chat when employee use tools to talk, which is convenient for manager to manage the employee’s behavior and avoid to do irrelevant work.

3)       mail monitoring: the imonitor EAM can record all employee’s email in real-time.

4)       file, game, stocks monitoring

5)       user-defined forbidden software: the Imonitor EAM can setting some forbidden software in employee’s computer to make them to well use computer.

6)       filtering website: Imonitor EAM can allow the employee enter into the specified website and shield other website.

7)       port block: the imonitor EAM can block employee internet port, chat port, game port to regularize the employee’s behavior on internet.

8)       file operations: The Imonitor EAM can remotely manage the employee file in computer, such as copy, cut, delete, rename and so on.

9)       remote control: the Imonitor EAM can conduct a remote power off, restart, inform and check window list of employee and process list.

10)   forbidden USB flash disk

11)   forbid to use other hardware

12)   timely alert, permission management, bulk operation

13)   employee assessment:The Imonitor EAM can make a statistics about the employee’s efficiency in some month, the employer can visually find out the using time and frequency of various software, which is reflected by histogram and pie graph.

The employer will have a more audio-visual evaluation for employee’s work through Imonitor EAM to adjust employee’s work in time, which can well enhance the work efficiency of employee.

Huawei monitor employees internet activities in which way?

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1, Internet Monitoring: to monitor employees on site, and content managers to facilitate the conduct of employee Internet monitoring and management. And has a web filtering, can prohibit employees from a specific site, and can limit employee access to specific time.

2, chat monitor: can monitor employee use of various chat tools chat, to facilitate acts of managers to manage employee Internet chat, chat to avoid excessive working hours employees work-related content.

3, e-mail monitoring: real-time recording of all LAN computers send and receive mail, and detailed monitoring and recording all messages sent to employees of all content, whether he is through, FOXMAIL, OUTLOOK, OUTLOOK EXPRESS or send any other e-mail tools.

4, the game monitor: to monitor employees to play the game content.

5, file monitoring: the staff can copy, cut, delete, rename files or folders to monitor operations.

6, other monitoring: staff can monitor all computer operations, and can customize monitoring options, but can be defined only monitor certain operations, while other operations ignored.

7, real-time monitoring: real-time monitoring employee computer and can be controlled, as easy as operating their own computer operations staff computers. Also provides a multi-screen monitor, can simultaneously monitor up to 16 employees.

8, timely warning: can be set into the removable storage device, or copy files when away or other custom prohibits operation, police in time management. In this way, employees do some work-related things, or endanger the security of confidential information to the company, the manager can know in time.

9, the hardware management: lists all employee computer hardware. All hardware devices can be disabled to avoid not related to the work of employees using computer equipment, errors modify the network properties to facilitate the unified arrangements of the screen saver or screen, is also the first one to achieve a just disable the USB storage device, without disabling USB mouse, keyboard, storage devices and other non-recognition functions,

10, block ports: port may block employee Internet access, chat port, game port, etc., according to the need to regulate employees’ online behavior.

11, prohibited to run: Disabled employees can set their own specific computer program (such as: QQ, MSN, Thunder), regulate employee use of computers

12, monitoring statistics report: in a month the staff’s efficiency statistics, it is intuitive to use various software to see staff time and frequency. And reflected in column and pie charts. Makes the evaluation of managers of employees working more intuitive, more informed.

13, remote file operations: can staff all the files within a computer for remote management, remote employees can file copy, cut, delete, rename, etc., can upload, download, but also provides a batch download files and folders Lee.

14, the remote control: remote employees computer shutdown, remote reboot, remote call with the staff, employees can view the window list and the list of processes, and can close any window or process.

15, volume set: The software is very easy to operate, monitor the number of computers for more and more customers, the software provides volume setting function, you can set all your employees or selected employees, without having to manually set the control block in turn!

Implement the company’s Internet network monitoring employees

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Multi-pronged approach to implement the company’s Internet network monitoring employees

I friend at a local advertising company to network two years, and every day to be the boss, colleagues summoned the call to go, let him exhausted. This is not the recent poor performance unit, will serve as the network boss livid face of a friend “invited” into his office, “Recently many employees during working hours, secretly chatting, playing games, doing some work without any the relationship between things, and now you give me find a way for all employees to conduct a comprehensive monitoring stations to see what these people did at work during what, if found to have employees to do work related things, forced to close his station immediately . “assigned to do the boss’s” errand “, author friend move enough brains, carefully search the Internet for a long time to find a monitor employee Web access unit responses!

Remote Internet Activity Monitoring contents of the file

In order to explain the implementation of unit owners “View unit employee workstations installed in what exactly” the instructions, a friend got the magic from the hard-line remote control tools, with the tool friends can easily view the remote unit employee’s workstation system in which programs actually install, monitor online behavior which saved the file content, and friends can help the tool in their workstations as freely as create, delete, modify files.

The option right after the login server after a specific port number, by default we try to use the magic remote control system automatically displays the port number, that is, use “1982” number; of course, we can also according to the actual situation enter their own login required port number; in identifying the above settings are correct, click the Server Settings page in the “build server” button, then the magic remote control system program will automatically create a client installation program to maintain the program default Use the file name “server.exe”, then copy that file to your flash disk.

Generated by the flash will be before the “server.exe” client installation program copies to the unit employees in the client host, and double click “server.exe” file to run the control program. In recognition of the control program after the successful operation of monitoring online behavior, returned to the server host system, the system will be open before the Magic closed out the remote control program interface, and from the system “Start” in the run restarted the program, in subsequent pop-up magic remote control program main interface, click the menu bar of the “server” / “active connection” command, open the Active Connection Settings dialog box, enter the destination in which the client host’s IP address and port number, Enter these parameters to ensure correct, click “Connect” button, as a result we can through the magic remote control to connect to a client host.

Then we can host the client’s file contents remotely monitored; remote monitoring during the operation, we first open the magic remote control program’s main interface, select the interface on the right display area of ​​the target client host, then click on the corresponding interface in the menu bar “remote management” option from the drop-down list, click “File Manager” command, then we will see on the screen file manager window, the window is divided into left and right two sub- side of the window in the left sub-window, we can clearly see the target client host all of the disk partition symbol, click the symbol in front of each disk partition plus, we can see that the corresponding disk partition and file the following contents of the folder, and then we can as arbitrary as the local workstation to the remote file or folder perform the removal, the new operation or copy and paste operation.

Internet Activity Monitoring employee computer remote control

By the above method, the unit owners although glance view of all employees what is saved in the workstation file contents, but this method can not control the unit employees during working hours using the computer actually done something, for example, if the unit of employees at work During play the game, how to monitor the unit owner to do? Through a careful search, I got a friend from the Internet Ball remote control tool, the use of the tool unit owners not only to the remote monitoring unit employees in their own workstation, what to do, but also on the staff workstation running applications to control off.

If the unit is routing local area network connected to the Internet, we will see in the tab page two IP addresses. Then enter the “host parameter” settings tab page, set the page in the actual situation, we can define its own host’s IP address, which is set up need to monitor the IP address of the target workstations, after prompted according to the interface other aspect of the information, confirm the information is entered correctly, then click the Settings dialog box corresponding to the “Generate” button, the remote control as a tool to Pol good client can automatically create a control file, the file copy to your flash disk.

Following the previously generated by the flash client control file pasted into the target client host system and the client with the mouse double-click the control file, and then we will see on the client system associated host screen message, At the same time the system will generate the corresponding resolution instructions to run the application. To here, the unit owner will be able to see in their host target client host of the “shadow”, then the target client host name and IP address information will also be displayed automatically on the server side remote host Boer program interface.

The next unit owners as long as their host Pol remote control to open the program interface, click on the interface menu bar “screen” option from the drop-down menu “screen real-time operation” command, then the pop-up Settings window, select the “real-time animation” option, a few seconds, the unit leader will be able to host their clients clearly see the target host system the desktop; this time, the unit employees in the target host, if the client Internet chat or secretly play a game, it will definitely be unit owners caught.

Of course, unit leaders see employees during working hours engaged in some work-related things, he can force a way through the remote control off the target client host system; act as remote Internet monitoring, it can be returned to the Boer remote control program interface, click the interface in the menu bar “screen” option from the drop-down menu “screen real-time operation” command, then the pop-up window, select “Enable real-time operating” option, etc. while, the server will automatically move the mouse host to the target client host system desktop, and then arbitrary unit leaders will be able to remote control the employee’s workstation.

“A Better Network Internet police” enterprise network monitoring software

Rapid development of Internet, to bring a wealth of information resources and a strong external communications capabilities, greatly enhanced the competitiveness of enterprises, but at the same time, companies are also facing reduced efficiency, network management is in chaos, and rising labor costs new problems, to enhance network management and employee internet management to regulate every business faces new problems:

In a busy work time, your staff has brought great joy to play online games, the spirit of times to chat, Shenbushoushe to stocks, concentrating on browsing non-work related websites, then you need a network monitoring software.

The company’s network bandwidth is not a reasonable allocation of primary and secondary is not divided, even the employees use BT to download other great tools to consume network resources, so that can not fully meet the normal requirements of the Internet, greatly reducing the efficiency of the company, then you need to network monitoring software.

The company’s failure to effectively manage Internet usage, many companies file with the trade secrets of the employees, intentionally or unintentionally leaked through the Internet all the tools, the company has brought significant economic losses, then you need to access management software.

Employees using company resources to browse the Internet pornography, cults, reactionary sites, or even illegal online behavior, not only damage corporate image, and even legal disputes may be brought to the company, then you need to manage employee Internet access.

Precisely in order to solve these problems encountered by enterprises, Shanghai Brilliance Network Information Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a “one hundred network Internet police” enterprise network monitoring software that provides enterprise management of the Internet to bring new and effective model, the enterprise network monitoring faithful assistant and network management, improve enterprise’s core competitiveness, it will bring you huge gains.

Computer surveillance software main features

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IMonitor Power Keylogger features: Record all keyboard input, including Chinese, English, numbers, function keys and keystrokes. QQ chat, MSN chat, send e-mail content and access some websites or mailbox login username and password will be recorded (Hint: Do not use the software for illegal purposes).

Screen record: time of the full screen or active window to save the screenshot, let your computer display and operation well known.

Monitoring the active window: Record all open windows titles and open time, and can block the opening of the title contains the window you specify. Such as: “adult novel” You can put “adult novel” keyword records to add to your ban, so any opening in the title of “adult fiction” window, the software will automatically close the window.

Monitoring program is running: run against the software you specify (the software has been pre-thirty games software), if we find an attempt to run the program you specify the ban will automatically close the program and recorded.

Advanced monitoring features: prohibit the use of chat software (such as QQ, UC, MSN, POPO more than ten species) Internet chat, prohibit the use of IE, Max thon, TT browser software such as web browsing, prohibit the use of a variety of software (such as Thunder and some BT download software) run the download. Prohibits changing the system time, prohibit the use of Task Manager (to prevent the unlawful termination of a running software), registry, control panel and so on.

Senior Auxiliary functions: monitoring software have all the information (key logger, screenshots, records and gigs active window, etc.) sent to the specified mailbox function, so you can easily use the network monitoring. And you can set software password, so do not know the password, the software settings can not be modified or deleted. Software also regular shutdown, you can specify a few sort of shut down the computer every day.

Print job monitor across the enterprise content management to monitor and prevent leaks and print print waste of resources

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IMonitor Print job monitor across the enterprise content management to monitor and prevent leaks and print print waste of resources. Provide a complete detailed reports and records management module to query and manage the print data for the management of timely and accurate understanding of the entire enterprise to provide the basis of print conditions.

I. System Overview

File print monitoring and management system for enterprise-wide print monitoring and management tasks, to prevent leakage print and print waste of resources. Provide a complete detailed reports and records management module to query and manage the print data for the management of timely and accurate understanding of the situation across the enterprise to provide a reference print.

Second, the main function

A full range of printing tasks through monitoring of management, leakage and waste of resources to prevent printing, to achieve the printing process before, during and after the overall management. Main functions are as follows:

1) control of illegal printing, to prevent leaks and waste by printing means printing resources.

2) provide a complete print process management: to provide a complete print the application, approval, implementation and management of printing privileges recovery process;

3) permission to review before printing: for each print job is submitted for permission to audit, for permission to print the print job does not prohibit printing and automatic alarm to the relevant management personnel;

4) to monitor the printing process: the process of printing the print job, detailed records of the relevant information, such as print executor, print approval of people, print the file size pages, orientation, color, etc.;

5) Print post the log management: You can print a variety of query logging, statistics, analysis and reporting, timely and accurately reflect the print of the entire enterprise;

6) Print the contents of the backup, the print data to back up, when necessary, can be reviewed in the print process, in order to confirm the print staff to apply to the actual printing of the print content and content are the same.

Third, the system features

Hidden: Print Monitor needs to be installed only on the print server, print the time the client feel the presence of control procedures.

Record data with high accuracy: The handle special printing process, print logging to ensure the accuracy and completeness.

System easy to use: The need for parameter settings where the wizard way to provide guidance to customers to set.

Of the print job to monitor a variety of ways: the system of printing tasks before, during and after the monitoring and management, to prevent the leakage of information through print and waste caused by printing resources.

Modular development, flexible function definition: The system uses modular development, facilitate the different needs of customers according to their needs the flexibility to define their own functions.

Print Monitor log on to provide better management capabilities: the Print Monitor can check the log, statistics, analysis, and generate various forms of reports, according to the back of the print data, can reproduce the print.

IV Conclusion

Computer technology and Internet technology, information society as a whole, are well prepared to enjoy the convenience of information technology and fast at the same time, information security is also threatened, the only way to solve information security problems , the information society can be successfully achieved.

Why you have to install employee monitoring software

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I can not install a firewall, you can not install antivirus software, but I have to install computer monitoring software easy to control the king … “feature in our software, employee productivity has been low for employees, flying single issues such as headaches of a foreign company Zhang, immediately decided his headquarters and two offices have been installed computer monitoring software easy to control the king, after his company installed all the staff are well aware of the state, employee monitoring at any time as needed to make timely adjustments to work arrangements greatly improve the efficiency of staff, bid farewell to the disclosure, one of the troubled flight, he said, not without emotion: “In the past you want to understand the working conditions of employees, managers must also be a meeting of the unified reporting, and it does not must be employees of the real situation, the staff is difficult to have a thorough understanding of work can only rely on their own judgments, low accuracy, low staff productivity will directly affect the company’s growth rate. Even some employees out of confidential information the company can be sold to competitors, or to corporate clients with a single to do, directly affects the company’s survival!