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A Watchful Eye: Software Tool for Remote Employee Monitoring

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With the need for Internet access at work, increasingly companies find that monitoring what their workers are doing during work hours is a necessity rather than a mere extreme measure of security.

The addition of people who work from home to the workforce and an increased need to see that proprietary or sensitive information and client details are not accidentally or maliciously leaked also mean that companies these days need tools to monitor what their employees do during company time.

This isn’t just restricted to monitoring what websites employees may visit or whether they are on social media or YouTube.

It also means that employers know what projects have been assigned to which employees and how much time is being spent on such projects and can figure out methods to improve their productivity.

So, without further ado, here is a tool that help employers with remote employee monitoring.

iMonitor EAM
If you don’t want to get too intrusive when it comes to monitoring your workers and their productivity, but you still want to keep tabs on their productivity and what they’re doing while on the company’s time, this software is something you should look into. Also, if you find it difficult to utilize monitoring software data to improve employee performance, iMonitor EAM again can help.

The software monitors productive and non-productive time by monitoring how much time an employee spends on which applications. You can decide and enter into the software what applications are needed and productive. It shows you the productive and non-productive time in terms of bar graphs which are easy to  shows active or productive time and non-productive time.

In addition, many companies have resorted to use those simple employee monitoring software to not only manage but also monitor employees, track the time spent on projects, especially by part-timers or workers in remote locations, and how much work they have already done.

Increasingly, companies are coming to realize that merely blocking certain websites or even taking screenshots isn’t enough. If they are truly interested in improving worker productivity and reducing the amount of time that employees spends on non-productive activities, they need more.

They need to make sure employees are not stretching out the time spent on a particular task, that they aren’t accessing anything that could be deemed objectionable by other workers, that their clients’ information or any proprietary information is not compromised and that the company’s systems aren’t left vulnerable to malware and data theft because of the websites that the employees may have unwittingly visited. As such, an increased need for remote employee monitoring is definitely understandable.

iMonitor Found A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

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Ok, I know that it’s not every office that has a decenter in it, but I suspected that I had an employee who was passing off what I will call “trade secrets” from my office to another company. Now, I’m not the person who won’t let employees leave to go work for someone else. I mean, if you want a new job, that’s cool. However, when you are passing information to a competitor hoping for a lucrative job offer, that’s something I cannot abide.


Anyways, the office manager and I had ideas about who this “mole” could be, but we were not sure. When everyone went home for the day, we went through and installed the employee monitoring software on every computer in the office and kept constant watch for emails and such from the guilty party to a competitor. Oddly enough, we found that there were many instances of a lack of productivity, but there was nothing that seemed troublesome.

After a few days, we wondered if were just being paranoid. Instead of uninstalling the software, we simply let the software keep working for a little while longer. It was one day that we saw an odd configuration of typing that seemed like it was going in a word document. We figured it was a code, and when we confronted the employee over this alleged “code” the employee confessed.

Unfortunately, we had to let the employee go. At least they had another job waiting for them, but we’re glad that we downloaded the software. Afterwards, we simply let the program go and did not inform the staff. However, with everyone wondering if they were being monitored, productivity improved over the next few weeks. We wanted to catch a “mole”, but we also get more out of our employees at the same time.

We have iMonitor to thank for the advanced performance of our business!

Confidential Crisis

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NEW YORK, March 16 (Reuters) – A former Federal Reserve Bank of New York employee was spared prison on Wednesday, disappointing prosecutors who said his leaking of confidential documents to a friend at Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N) justified time behind bars.

Jason Gross, 37, was fined $2,000 by U.S. Magistrate Judge Gabriel Gorenstein in Manhattan and sentenced to a year of probation with 200 hours of community service after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of theft of government property.

Prosecutors had sought six to 12 months in prison for Gross, who in November admitted to providing confidential information to Rohit Bansal, his former supervisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York who had left to work at Goldman Sachs.

But while Gorenstein said Gross had abused the position of trust he had at the New York Fed, his conviction coupled with the loss of a career had already sent “a powerful message to others.”

The case highlighted the so-called revolving door on Wall Street, in which regulators take new jobs at the banks they formerly oversaw.

The charges were announced after Goldman Sachs agreed in October to a related $50 million settlement with the New York Department of Financial Services.

According to prosecutors and New York regulators, Bansal obtained numerous documents from Gross after joining Goldman Sachs in July 2014.

Those documents included some pertaining to examinations of a bank that Goldman was advising about a potential transaction, regulators said.

Bansal shared some of the documents with others at Goldman, regulators and prosecutors said, telling them in at least one instance, “Please don’t distribute.”

In court, Bruce Barket, Gross’s lawyer, said Gross in providing Bansal the documents thought he was doing a favor for a friend who had already seen them and even created some.

“I don’t think he thought much of it,” Barket said.

Goldman has said that after discovering Bansal obtained the confidential supervisory information, it notified regulators and fired him and a more senior employee who failed to take further action. The New York Fed also fired Gross.

Bansal pleaded guilty in November to theft of government property. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Tuesday.

Illegally disclosing customer’s data or companies’ confidential by employee is happening all the time at companies everywhere. In order to prevent the unethical behavior,  the companies should do the following:

  1. Enhance education on the code of conduct in the business and confidential agreement.
  2. Strengthen security of customer archives and business confidential, preventing from any losing.
  3. The employee monitoring software is necessary, which can prevent confidential crisis and grantee data security. Help companies take steps before the data losing.

The monitoring software is just one means to keep the customer’s data and companies’ confidential safe. The more actions like optimize the management system and improve the staffs’ comprehensive quality are the key point to reduce data leaking happened.


Can i get full control of the remote computer?

Posted on February 8th, 2015 in Computer and Internet monitoring, EAM Professional Edition, Employee Monitoring, IMonitor Softwares, IMonitor Softwares Home Solutions, phone monitoring software | Comments Off on Can i get full control of the remote computer?

Hello. How may I help you?
Hi,I have a few questions about your EAM Professional software.
Ok,No problem.
Is it able to monitor phones and tablets?
Our kerlogger pro can monitor android device and Mac will come soon.
Is this software able to remotely delete senitive data from the computers?
For windows you can get full control of the remote computer.
So question, i am getting an estimate for my company. If i wanted to purchase around 3,000 licenses, how much would it round up to be?
Oh and one more question on the software, does it have auto archive features where it can move messages to a back up server.
You have to do it manually with the current version.
But your suggest is very good
Is there any way around doing that with this software, perhaps another function that could do it.
You can set the max Val of the database size.
What exactly does that mean?
It can delete old records automatically if the database reach the max size
I wouldn’t want it to be deleted forever, i would want the messages to be stored in the backup server.
It’s a very good suggestion,we can add this feature into newer versions.
So what would be an estimate for monitoring 3,000 computers?
The price is around $80000.
Okay,I will talk your monitoring software with my boss.
Thank you.
You are welcome.

My boyfriend behaves strangely recently, I want to monitor his cell phone! ! ? ?

Posted on February 5th, 2015 in Computer and Internet monitoring, EAM Professional Edition, phone monitoring software | Comments Off on My boyfriend behaves strangely recently, I want to monitor his cell phone! ! ? ?

1. My boyfriend behaves strangely recently, not let me touch his cell phone, saying that this is a violation of his privacy and it’s very disrespectful to him, but I ofen check his phone before! And he always come back very late in the evening, saying he has a lot of job dinners, but his body is full of alcohol and perfume, and I I suspect he derailed…What should i do??

2. My boyfriend always chatting with others on his PC and with a smiling face recently. I want to see what they’re talk about but he do not let me see, even add a password to his PC!!! He’s very cold for me now.Does he loved other woman? ? ?

3. My girlfriend becomes so cold to me recently.Not answer my phone or message and often go out in the evening .She said she is with her good girl friend but i sam the girl in the street!! Does she derailed?

Love is a really good thing, if lost, I believe everyone will be very sad. Therefore, we must strive to protect our love, and resolutely resist foreign interference of a third party, guarding love, guard happiness. iMonitor PC / mobile phone monitoring software is willing to help you, for your love, protect, and always available to your lover dynamic network, allowing you to become his / her only one. iMonitor Keylogger Pro can record E-mail, file, website, chat, keystrokes, screenshot, applications, print jobs, usb stick insert / remove, FTP, clipboard, sytem events and more.

What are you waiting for ?Act now!!

Tips to improve office efficiency -IMONITOR employee computer monitoring software

Posted on February 3rd, 2015 in Computer and Internet monitoring, EAM Professional Edition, EAM Standard Edition, Employee Monitoring, IMonitor Softwares | Comments Off on Tips to improve office efficiency -IMONITOR employee computer monitoring software

Many companies have made a number of rules and regulations to improve the company’s productivity, but in fact i think the core solution is to improve employee productivity.Doing supervision by people only can see the surface, but can not observe their actions on the computer, there will be a big loophole, and if supervised by a living people, employees may produce discontent. Then, a practical,effective and hidden computer monitoring software can help your favor.

iMonitor employee computer monitoring software (iMonitor EAM)can meet all your needs – hidden mode, powerful, 360 ° all-round monitoring, cost-effective.

iMonitor EAM (Employee Activity Monitor) is a centralized computer monitoring software for Large enterprises, middle-sized and small business. Monitor computer and internet activities, track employee work hours, analysis and statistics employee computer usage, detect and terminate all internal unfavorable factors to the company and protect confidential business information.

After improving EAM Products and adopting customers useful suggestions. IMonitor Security Company has been from being nobody to well known in this field, for now IMonitor Security Company has developed three series of products, business, home and remote monitoring soft. And according to the difference of three series, IMonitor Security Company also divided into three research and support teams. More professional and qualified customers service, all that is IMonitor Security Company chasing for.

If user use Administrator acount,cannot stop iMonitor?

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iMonitor: Hello, How may I help you?
Customer:Hello.I have a few questions about your PC monitoring soft.
iMonitor:   OK,Please tell me what they are.
Customer:If user use Administrator acount,cannot stop iMonitor?
iMonitor: You mean the monitored Pc’s user?
iMonitor: Yes, they can not stop imonitor even the user is administrator.
Customer:Control center service too?from service.
iMonitor: imonitor EAM agent is not a service, it is a program which works in background mode.
Customer:All right,thank you.
iMonitor: One more thing,Have you installed our employee monitoring software?
Customer:Not yet, just looking your site.
iMonitor: We provide 15 days free trial version, you can download it from our website.
Customer:Ok , i will try it.Thank you.
iMonitor: You are welcome.

Is iMonitor monitoring software really that good? ?

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Many first users there are doubts about iMonitor softwares, some are product functions, some are the use ,and some are the performance of confidentiality. In fact, if you are willing to spend a few minutes to look at the customer reviews on our website, you will have a certain understanding and trust no our products. iMonitor monitoring software is really good!

After your purchasing, we will provide you one year free version upgrades and lifetime technical support. And for the trial version user,we also offer you friendly technical support. Please keep in mind: where there is a problem, where there is a doubt, where there is iMonitor. iMonitor PC/phone monitoring software will always be your safety backing!

About the price of iMonitor monitoring software

Posted on January 21st, 2015 in Computer and Internet monitoring, EAM Professional Edition, Employee Monitoring, IMonitor Softwares | Comments Off on About the price of iMonitor monitoring software

iMonitor: Hello, How may I help you?
Customer: Hi, how are you tonight?
iMonitor: Fine,thanks. How can I help you?
Customer: I am wondering if there is any versions between the standard and the professional for what the software can do? (EAM)
iMonitor: Sorry,no other version.
How many computers you want to monitor?
Customer: I am looking at monitoring maybe 10-20.
iMonitor: I suggest the iMonitor EAM Professional version.
Customer: There are so many features, but the cost is a bit high.
That’s why I was looking at if there was any option to get a version that had a couple of extra features ontop of the standard, but not as many as the professional.
iMonitor: Have you installed the free trial?
Customer: Oh,yes.I have tried it years ago Where I used to work.
And I have recommended it to someone whom is looking for monitoring software like this.
iMonitor: OK, professional is better, we can offer you 10% discounts for the pro version.
Customer: Do you know of any software out there that can get around the clients side of the software?
iMonitor: Maybe you can try spector 360.
Customer: You are trying to sell me someone elses software?
iMonitor: Our iMonitor EAM license is for lifetime, so it’s not too expensive.
Customer: How is spector better than your software?
iMonitor: It’s a good product, I can not say it is better than us, but its price is too expensive.
Customer: so if they go for 10 PCs, it will cost approximately $450 US?
iMonitor: No, about $1000.
Customer: Sorry, I wrote the wrong price down.
$719.95 for 10 machines
iMonitor: Yes, the price is $719.95 for EAM Pro 10 licenses.
Drew sent the chat transcript to ………
iMonitor: With 10% discounts.
Customer: Yes, I know that that includes the discount,
the functionality I am looking for is really the complete functionality that I want.
It’s what I tested when I worked where I worked years ago.
And they didn’t buy it because they said it was too expensive, no matter how much I pressed it.
But right now I’m looking at this as a solution for another issue I have.
One questoin I have too.
Can the ALERTS be sent over the internet to a remote server?
iMonitor: Do you have a server with static internet IP?
Customer: but all the logging be kept on the server itself, but maybe even just an email sent from the software, maybe once an hour IF there are alerts?
Yes, the remote server would have a static IP.
iMonitor: If you have server with static internet IP, it’s will be easy, you can view logs from any computer.
Customer: So the software, running on a windows server, would be capable of submitting the alerts over the internet to a remote server?
And the remote server would be able to receive them and read them correctly?
iMonitor: Yes.
Customer: Can the trial perform that too?
Also, what is th limitation of the trial? Is it capable of being a fully functional trial for 10 pcs or more?
iMonitor: 15 days free trial and you only can monitor 2 computers.
Customer: Is there any way that I would be able to get a breakout to fully test it?
iMonitor: Sorry, the trial is for 2 computers only.
Customer: Testing on 2 PCs doesn’t really allow full testing for network and more. To test the load, the server, and the speeds of everything,
I’ll need to run some tests with your imonitor PC monitoring software, to see how much processing power the software will use, as it has changed since a few years ago.
I will monitor all to know the network traffic and the physical processor being used.
iMonitor: OK.
Customer: I think that that will be the biggest factor of it.
Also how much RAM it will use while sitting there in the background.
iMonitor: CUP and memory usage is very low.
Customer: Low as in what?
Compared to what sort of computer?
iMonitor: If you do not run EAM remote desktop, cpu can be 0, and RAM is less than 10MB.
Customer: Remote Desktop as in the communication from server to client?
For the screen view?
iMonitor: Yes, live desktop monitoring.
Customer: OK.I will have to check that out too.
To see what the actual effect is on a slower machine when the server connects to the client with remote viewing.
If the effect is too great, then I will have to contact ad find out how to reduce it, or else talk to the technical team
iMonitor: OK, no problem.
Customer: Just to be clear, if it’s only say 8 PCs to monitor, that would cost 625.45 and 10 is 719.95?
iMonitor: Yes, with 10% discounts the price is right.
Customer: I don’t understand the EXTRA LOCENSE details.
Add to the license..
$65 per
Does that mean if I’m buying license number 5,6,7,8,9 or 10, then it will cost $60 per lisence?
iMonitor: You have to buy a base license firstly.
Customer: Yes, I understand that.
I’m just asking incase it’s not 10 pcs,because it could be 8,then again it might be 5 for now and more later
So I’m just asking so that I have all the information that I need to be able to let them know.
iMonitor: 5 computers license(base license) + 3 extra license.
Customer: and the 3 extra lisences would cost $53 per lisence?
Because it’s license 5-10 or in that case 5-8.
iMonitor: $65, you have only 3 extra licenses.
Customer: So the value as in 5-10 is only for the number of EXTRA licenses that you have purchased in total? or the amount that you buy at that time?
iMonitor: We can discuss the cost when you decide to order it, and I have another chat now, you can try the free version firstly, sorry for that.
Customer: That’s okay, that was the last thing I needed to verify.
I think it makes sense to me from what you have explained.
Thank you very much for your time, it is greatly appreciated
Drew rated this chat as good.
iMonitor: the value as in 5-10 is only for the number of EXTRA licenses.
Customer: Thank you!
Have a wonderful evening
iMonitor: Thanks, same there.

Are your employees using Internet illegally?

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How to ensure your employees using internet legally which now is most business managers worried about.  Managers are trying their best to track illegal internet use in their organizations. Internet tracking software can stop internet abuse and illegal internet misuse. You need a real time tracking software to make sure your staffs use Internet legally. IMonitor EAM is just a powerful tool for employees’ internet tracking and managing.

IMonitor EAM tracking software lets administrators track individual’s Internet use within your company. All computer internet activities including website address, URL record, online chat record, and potential internet threat, will be tracked in real time. And you can gently ask those employees who are overdoing the personal use back into line or prevent employees illegal use in advance. To track internet usage effectively and stop internet abuse, no doubt, IMonitor EAM is definitely best choice for admins.

By tracking and monitoring employee internet record, it is also clear to know what your employees have done and who have been overdoing their jobs well. According that, managers can easily build a reward and punishment system which will dramatically trigger employees’ natural motivation. Comparing with other internet tracking software, better comprehensive report IMonitor EAM generated also will cut down admins and managers time.

IMonitor EAM powerful key features including below,

* All-application tracking feature: Employers can use IMonitor EAM that enables them to see what computer applications are running on the employees’ computer terminals.

* Internet tracking feature: Employers can monitor Internet usage such as web-surfing and and other Internet activities.

* Real-time and out-of office feature: No matter local or remote environment, IMonitor EAM always can provide best and stable tracking details.

* Time tracker feature: IMonitor EAM allows employers to keep track of the amount of time an employee spends away from the computer or idle time at the computer.