Employee’s productivity is crucial for company’s development, if the employee works hard, then the company will growing fast; if not, there may have a negative effect on the company.t2

However, how can we judge a employee’s productivity? How can we know which employee works hard and who just wast time? For those who work hard we should be rewarded for others who waster time we should warning them, and even fire them.

Well, the best way to achieve this goal is to use employee monitoring software. And how to pick out a good software is a challenge, since there are thousands of software in the market, which is really hard for you to find a suitable one. I will give you a suggestion – iMonitor EAM.cover

iMonitor EAM is a centralized software, which can monitor all the activity of the target computer. And the logs will generate a dashboard.
With the dashboard, you can overview each employee’s productivity, and how much time they spend on instant software, how much time they spend on work, and the active time and idle time of the computer. Looking at those dashboard will give you a clear understanding of the employee’s productivity.
Besides, we can also make a compare of the employee’s activity, for example. According to the statistic, we can know who has the most keystrokes, and who’s idle time is the most. We can easily judge each individual’s activity by the graphic.