Terrible thing heard at this afternoon !!

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“Did you feel that, the earth is shaking a little bit.” my office colleague said to me when I came into my office.” No joking man, did you drug something? ” I reply to him with a cunning smile. Just thinking it would be a joke between office colleague, but when I turned on my computer and point to New York Times website, and I realized all that is damn true. The real earthquake has happened in Haiti capital.

“The quake, which struck about 15km (10 miles) south-west of Port-au-Prince, was quickly followed by two strong aftershocks of 5.9 and 5.5 magnitude. The tremor hit at 1653 (2153 GMT), the US Geological Survey said. Phone lines to the country failed shortly afterward.” quoting from BBC news.

“Haiti sits on a large fault that has caused catastrophic quakes in the past, but this one was described as among the most powerful to hit the region. With many poor residents living in tin-roof shacks that sit precariously on steep ravines and with much of the construction in Port-au-Prince and elsewhere in the country of questionable quality, the expectation was that the quake caused major damage to buildings and significant loss of life.” quoting from New York Times.

Sounds really terrible, until now according to latest news, there are more than one thousand people who have been confirmed dead. And even worse, in many undiscovered wrecked area, estimating it would be more people dead.

And our company now has decided donated some funds to red-cross international organization and encourage all the staffs donate by personal name. Though it is not a big help, still hope this would be in time.

Please be in peace in heaven.

Being support staff, feeling a little tired!

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Why saying this today? The reason is sometime I wonder to know when customer is not satisfied with some kind of product or service, he or she can make some complaints to sales or support staff, but what about us? Being support staff, when I meet such case, though sometime I fully clear it is all not my or our company fault, only one thing I can do is just listening and saying sorry! what pathetic toy! Every time after complaints are filled with my mind and my body, always make me low down and in bad mood, and want to find an innocent “sheep”. Bad for them and bad for me.

Most time feeling some customers complaints or requirements are really ridiculous and making me shut my mouth, everything has been demonstrated or explained on our website, why not spend a little time to find out by themselves? Our website team always updates latest and faqs to website, but now thinking that is really not worth of it. Nobody cares or visited for help or more information, only they do is directly asking for help, yes, I know that would be a fast and easy way for them. But who cares our thoughts and feeling. Tired, though it is a little.

Anyway no matter how much I want to complain, still job is job, you can’t say no if you still being the position.

How Much I Still Need to Learn ?

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Time has passed much faster than I thought since Oct last year. Before I entered IMonitor Software company, some friends had told me it would a hard time for me at the beginning, but who care? Thinking everyone would have same feeling with me when you are ready to engage one new job. Anyway the fact is what my all friends said is coming true. Really hard and tortured time from my job starting, so many things I don’t know and even worse is more things I never heard of. Until now still remember the first time my manager called me in, before entered his office, my mind and body has prepared to face some blame and mean words, but really not being ready to face all the cheering up and encouraging words. Thanks, Kevin, it is you let me feel warm and not disappointed myself again and again. Also after getting out of manager office, one thing I definitely confirmed, learning is a long road no matter how long you have worked and how much experience you have.

But the point is how much I still need to learn?
It is not a “who want to be a millionare” question, but still find hard to answer. Though I have learned much more than I can suffer, it is still not enough, being in such company, I find studying would be anywhere, sometime it seems I have been back my university time. Pushing is coming from myself, but also from my heart eager to knowledge.

IMonitor Software Company

About New Product — Anywhere Monitor !

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Anywhere Monitor is a remote monitoring software solution that means absolutely no any limited conditions monitor remote computers. Being the first remote monitor software in real sense, Anywhere Monitor will be really matched “unlimited” to view activity logs from anywhere and anytime.

Anywhere Monitor fully qualify the above required definitions. No region and no time limitation, no matter where customers are and what the time is, if customers want to check out remoted computer activities, it would be much simple and easier than ever, what customer need do is just point your browser to your personal Anywhere Monitor webspace address to view logs from any machines you deploy Anywhere monitor on. No any more remembering IP address troubles. And all the logs will be totally same with these you view on local network, so no any worry about missing anything.

Why is Anywhere Monitor the first remote monitoring software in real sense?

Same with above definition of unlimited, remote monitoring in true sense must be perfectly matched with that. Also all activities logs should be exactly same with local server, that means when customers view logs using Anywhere Monitor, it would be like viewing logs from local server, definitely not any different. Only one thing is changed, now customers may be far away from their business company. Some remote monitor software in market may be qualified with ‘ remote monitoring’, but can not provide all the detailed logs in webspace server. Comparing to the others, Anywhere Monitor just can perfectly do this job.

Anywhere Monitor includes below key features other software can’t have

  • True sense record all activities, real-time and offline logs
  • Powerful secure encryption of user data

Other eading features Anywhere Monitor includes

  • 24/7 real-time logging and access no matter Where and When
  • Uniquemultiple computers activity logs organize and management
  • Real-time Keystroke logs and files activities
  • Best adjustable and compatible with any internet circumstances
  • Completed stealth mode and less cpu usage taken

More information, please feel free to visit Anywhere Monitor website. ( www.anywheremonitor.com )

Another small step, but really important !

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About one month preparing and half a month developing, finally one new product of IMonitor Software Company has come into beta and test progress. Now let me uncover it, Anywhere Monitor, which is the first of remote monitor logging software in real sense.

In one word, summarizing the key feature of AnyWhere Monitor is unlimited. What specific meaning of unlimited? It includes two part s of meaning, one is no region limitation and the other is no time limitation. Currently popular computer monitoring software, maybe so powerful and fully controlled, but these are only limited in local network. If customers is far from business local network, accessing to monitor and view logs would be impossible.

Comparing to other softwares, IMonitor Software Company provide customers with a perfect solution — Anywhere Monitor. Since Anywhere Monitor is a affiliated product of IMonitor EAM Products, it is absolutely seamless combination with IMonitor EAM Products. Being a “unlimited” remote surveillance software, Anywhere Monitor fully qualify the above required definitions. No region and no time limitation, no matter where customers are and what the time is, if customers want to check out remoted computer activities, it would be much simple and easier than ever, what customer need do is just point your browser to your personal Anywhere Monitor webspace address to view logs from any machines you deploy Anywhere monitor on. No any more remembering IP address troubles. And all the logs will be totally same with these you view on local network, so no any worry about missing anything.

Below is the key features of Anywhere Monitor has, and other software don’t.
* True sense record all activities, real-time and offline logs
Any activity of client computer will be synchronized with local server, and then local server will send everything of clients activities to our Anywhere Monitor webserver in the mean time. That synchronized process would happen in real-time or if client computer being offline, all the logs would be uploaded when it can access local server again. So customers do not have to worry about any missing logs.

* Powerful secure encryption of user data
All logs would be uploaded web server with a secure encryption method, that means every log only be read when it is decrypted of web server. Besides that, Anywhere Monitor also provides powerful password protection to login. The whole login process would be within secure web encryption. So only having correct user info will have the right to access web server and view secure logs.

For now, Anywhere Monitor is in deal time, much benefit back to our new and old customers, so why not go to see and find our by yourself.

Anywhere Monitor website: www.anywheremonitor.com

EAM v5.0 Finally Released !

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Accompany with almost one month hard working of our technical team, finally EAM v5.0 now has come to the front of our customers today. In latest v5.0, there are a few important changes inside. First one is EAM user interface has been fully changed over, comparing with previous versions, the new designed user interface has below key features and screenshot:

  • Re-arrange the all functions menu which make user interface more clear and easy to start with new user.
  • Correct many minor menu text error and tools tip more in details.
  • Re-design program layout and emphasize the display of important functions.

user interface
At here, we need say a thank to any internal and external tester, not their quick bugs report and test again and again, thinking EAM v5.0 would not be released in such short time.

Besides above these changes, v5.0  also make some other changes and add some new features, below here is the changelog:

  • Add new feature ‘ Screen view ‘ into remote control.
  • Again adjust and implement the core code.
  • Fix the fatal error which make Yahoo Messenger ! can’t properly boot.
  • Completely re-write the help document and IMonitort EAM Readme file, make these file catch up with v5.0.

New v5.0 really takes nearly all staffs of IMonitor Software effort into, strongly recommend new and old customers upgrade. Much better version, you really can’t miss it and must give it a try.  For more infos, please refer to help document and Readme.

What We Are Doing Now ?

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Working in IMonitor Software Company has been about two months, during this period time, I really feel a lot and think, learn a lot. In such large and seven years old company, being a new employee, always it is a little hard to start. Sometime feeling boring, sometime confused about what is job, and sometime frustrated about how hard job it is. Here I would say thank to everyone in our company, it is them who let me know the fact working is working, if you can’t complain, just do it, and make me from a newbie worker to a half newbie. Thanks again.

Since last version released, after adopt all instructive suggestions and bugs feedback, our technical team now has put full heart and effort into latest version developing, thinking the latest version 5.0 would be released in a couple of weeks. At here, I recommend all users upgrade to this latest version. In version 5.0, not only we have added more new features, also our technical team has made a big change with EAM Products user interface. At the early of this year, we have received so many emails complaining about EAM Products user interface is a little hard for new user. So now we make up a mind to change over whole things about it, which would be like office 2007 user interface, the reason using that is most customers would be very familiar with office 2007, clear catalog and details tool tips really make EAM more easy to use.

By the way, always like usual, new version has optimized more core codes which make EAM better compatible and stable with latest window OS, window 7.

Last still hope everyone feel free to visit our official website and my blog to get our company latest news.

Anywhere Remote Monitoring Project Has Been In Developing !!

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Before releasing EAM Products v4.90, our EAM Develop Team has brought a fully creative idea to all staffs in our company usual meeting, the idea is building a set of web remote monitoring tools affiliated with our flagship — EAM Enterprise Edition.

AnyWhere Monitor allows you to access the monitored activity logs from anywhere at any time via your own personal AnyWhere Monitor Webspace. No more need to remember annoying IP addresses or directly connect to the remote PC by ethernet cable connected – all you have to do is log in our webspace server via any internet browse tools to view logs from any machines you deploy AnyWhere Monitor on. AnyWhere Monitor can log and record just about anything a user does on your computer, and all reports would be more details same with local network server. Coming along with this remote function, EAM Products would be not limited with region issue any more.

Though AnyWhere Monitor is still working in progress, and also we have meet so many problems like compatibility issue, but the whole process is fully as expected, and beta version would be released very soon. Until beta version released, we would send some invited tickets to our VIP customers. Hoping after no long beta testing, final version would be done before Christmas.

Did You Worry About What Your Kids Doing ?

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Being parents, did you worry about your kids? Up to date, computer and internet broadband have become a necessary appliance and taken into common people life. And in such this convenient environment, it is more easy let our kids touch the home computer and access to internet. Coming along with this case, more and more social protecting kids experts have given a warning. Porn contents, violent and bloody scenes etc have been around our curious kids. Kids are always in open mind, and they still can’t identify what are right, what are not.
According above, building a strong shell against these threats and fully let what they are doing under control should be mainly responsibility for our parents. But how? Simple asking lead to many solutions. Some parents choose a forced way which lock away from their kids, and some parents choose a peaceful way which is sitting aside when kids used computer. Even some less parents told their kids computer is a terrible monster which make kids feel scared, not and never dare touch computers. All these methods maybe work for a while, but it is really ridiculous. Though some bad things inside internet, not forgetting still more good things inside as well. Don’t be like a fool who throws whole birthday cake just cause a mistaken word.
Again being wised parents, you should choose a better way to deal with.
IMonitor Software Company has provided a better home solution, why not give a try. No more thinking, free trial and satisfied used buying is really a good chance to know what your kids doing. How can you miss it?
More details, please refer to here

Continued Talking About Cheating Spouse..

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Yesterday I had talked the topic about cheating spouse, still thinking it is not enough, so today this topic would go on.
This day, what I am ready to talk about is the bad effects of cheating spouse, why not say negative, because I think cheating spouse lead to not just opposite or passive results but a big collapsed disaster to family. If the couple has no kids, that is would be less bad, otherwise that would become a long year shadow memory for most kids. It is really unfair for these young hearts, what they have done wrong ?! Definitely nothing. But comparing with adults, for adults, maybe that is just a short unhappy event of lifetime, but these young hearts have to take a long long time,in some cases even the whole life to recover. Taking a real story as example, couple divorced when they found he and she were cheating each other, and for the reason of chasing another new life, nobody want to bring up their kid who was only 5 years old. In the court, I saw the kid crying like a new born baby, nobody cared, nobody noticed, what a miserable poor kid. At the ending of story, the kid was dead in the car accident. Poor little angel, hoping you would be in peace in heaven.

What the hell is bad effects of cheating lead to? I think these would not be cut off no matter how you consider from any kind of views.

  • crush down the trust and reliability of couple
  • hurting your once beloved half who still is loyal to you
  • make you kids being in dark corner in long time

Really terrible, isn’t it. So before any ridiculous and stupid cheating idea flashing into your mind, firstly thinking about your beloved half and kids.