Employee monitoring software Internet nowadays has become a real absorber, according to statistics, about 20% of the inappropriate use of working time spent on visiting s and blogs, comments on the release of a new , General Director of the company – Our company has taken into account this fact and has developed an effective system for monitoring, what exactly do the employees , the Internet, and in General computer use. Understand that the ban is not an option, all sites are close to impossible, for many employees, search engines and other websites and even reveal the place and work tool. Therefore, employers must see the statistics on the Internet for time and know exactly what you did in a particular employee. With this problem for more than 5 years successfully copes
In addition to the above functions include monitoring of e-mail correspondence and in the popular messengers like ICQ, QIP, etc. The program notes correspondence and shows which messages have been sent and to whom, saves all incoming messages and attached files oversees all operations with files and folders (copy, edit, move, etc.), and also produces shadow copying of printed files.