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Experience mobile and remote monitoring anytime, anywhere — Anywheremonitor

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160018691One main symbol of modern technology is bringing our life more convenience,such as voice-activated lights, smart TV, robot nanny, intelligent home appliances and so on.Today I will give you a recommend of a smart monitoring software –Anywheremonitor,for computer, cell phone monitoring.Just like the name of the software, no matter whenever and whereeveryou are you can view all the device information.

Anywheremonitor monitoring products are applicable both companies and individuals. The company is mainly for employee computer monitoring and employee communal phone monitoring so that managers can keep track of the progress and working methods of the employees ,also it’s very convenient for the manager to find the question in employee’s job and guide him or her timely, play a supervisory role of employees.Meanwhile, Anywheremonitor monitoring products can also do a remote control of the monitored devices,such as back up important files to sever PC automaticlly,send remote commands,remote live desktop,remote shut off/restart and so on.Anywheremonitor cellphone monitoring products can record all call records and voice content, information, GPS location, pictures, videos etc.Individuals are primarily for the phone of family members to protect their safety.Most are for children and older people.Some are for their wives or husbands.

Nowadays,many criminals happened by taking advantage of technology products.Our around is so dangerous.Internet fraud, trafficking in children of women, the elderly fraud, extortion and other cases are common. A safe and reliable remote monitoring software is really essential for us.

The great weapon of preventing affair — iMonitor phone spy

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8Today just broke a message due to an affair of a football player is going to divorce with his eight-month pregnant wife, a former model, resigned after finding her pregnancy. Recently she found her husband having an affair with other woman.She can’t stand all the thing and decide to divorce.And i have to say that this news really has great inspiration for all married women.During pregnancy, be sure to keep an eye on your husband, to prevent other woman damaging your family.However,it’s really unrealistic to follow your husband during pregnancy,you need good rest and peaceful life.So what should you do? Actually, i have a good solution for you,you only need a secure secret phone spy software.

iMonitor phone spy monitoring software is fully automatic, stealth and security operated,let you know everything happened on the monitored phone.With iMonitor Phone Spy you can silently monitor text messages, GPS locations, call details, photos and social media activity.You can don’t need to follow your husband but know his everything so that you can find anything strange and deal with it timely to pevent an affair out of your home.

It’s not easy to have a happy marriage,it needs both partners to treasure it and always be loyal to each other.But the reality is cruel, many unmarried young and beautiful girls are ready to rob your husbands to destory your family and do your husbands can resist the temptation?DO you have confidence with them? If you’re not sure,you feel unsafe about it ,why don’t you come to the help of modern science and technology? Whatever wish you a happy marriage!

Using Computer Monitoring Software to Track Internet Use

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Regularly increasing internet charges in any office often persuade the management and/or technical persons to bring something advanced and innovative that can help them in track the uses or help in block some unwanted sites, downloading and certain applications. Along with this, they also want to monitor every activity of employees done on the computer. They also want to track emails, screenshots, uploading and downloading, file transfers, application uses and tracking of social media sites uses.

For those who are looking for the best and advanced computer monitoring software, some better options have been developed by renowned and bespoke software development companies. You will find numerous renowned software development companies claiming of offering advanced and innovative computer monitoring software. Using computer monitoring software is not only a way of tracking internet uses, but also a way of keeping your important docs and data safe and protected from misuse. Simply install the software and log-in and you will be tracking the computer anytime and from anywhere.

When it comes to buy the advanced computer monitoring software, you will have some better options o choosing the best one from the comfort of home from an offshore and bespoke software company. Among some of the well-established companies, name of IMonitor Soft comes on the top. Having been into the profession for last many years, this leading company has come up with the best and advanced software systems for better tracking.

imonitor computer monitoring software is the right way of focusing on business growth rather than spending time in tracking and other similar points. Using the advanced software means, you are moving into the right direction of reducing internet charges to a great level; while you will be getting more benefits of keeping eye on your employees.

Feel free to contact via any convenient mode of communication to get the best software for better monitoring.

My girlfriend installed phone spy in my cellphone secretly! ! !

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This is a true story that happened to me …
My girlfriend is very oversensitive and always check my cellphone without my permission. We had many fights for this, and recently found it became a little better, she no longer requires to check my phone,so i thought everything would be ok. But something is very strange, it seems that she almost knows my everything and who i had a call with.For example, if i call a girl or chat with a girl,she will ask many questions about that girl.And if i drink with a friend without telling her where we are,she still can find us.I’ve always wondered about this, just thought maybe my friend betrayed me, then some guys reminded me that maybe my phone is monitored, I was in a cold sweat hearing that. Then i found a professional guy to confirm whether it’s ture, and he found a spy soft in me cellphone! ! My girlfriend actually secretly installed a phone spy soft on my phone! Called iMonitor phone spy that can monitor all of my phone usage, including call history, voice recording, SMS text messaging, GPS location, photos, and video. It’s almost omnipotent !! With this phone spy software, i don’t dare to lie her any more and have to do what she said!!

Network monitoring is imperative!

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It is the age of the Internet now, No matter a company or an individual, a variety of contact with the outside world are basically network based,.The business between companies are also mostly operated by mail, fax and other networking manners. This invisible big net ties us together tightly. People use internet marketing, online shopping, online dating, online learning etc, but everything has two sides, the network is also fraught with dangers. Many people use Internet for network crime, such as thefting and selling company secrets, phishing, online pornography, network drug trafficking, hacker attacks and so on. For a company, indeed affect the whole body, especially the company’s network security needs attention. A powerful network monitoring software is very useful, it can monitor company’s internal network security from all aspects and 360 degrees to make you the easy business.

iMonitor employee computer monitoring software does well in network monitoring and trusted by many small and medium,large side enterprises. Its network monitoring key functions include the following aspects: Web browsing history, instant messaging / chat, send and receive e-mail records, Webmail records, e-mail attachments records, search keywords record, download history, FTP file transfer record, network disk use records etc. You can see all your employees’ network operations. In addition, through the preset keywords, the software will automatically send an alert to the server computer, so you can detect dangerous, stop it and deal with it timely. iMonitor employee computer monitoring software can monitor and record monitored computer all operations, and automatically generate daily, weekly, monthly reports, based on which you can understand whether your employees working hard or not and your network condition.

Protecting the company network security is protecting the company’s blood, the company could not survive without blood, so network monitoring is imperative!

Efficient computer monitoring software

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2The computer is the main tool of modern business office, almost all of the data stored in the computer, all kinds of business letters are basically is through the network to complete . When it brings so many convenience, at the same time,it also has brought some risks to the enterprise, such as employee leak, information security, staffs secretly do other private jobs, play games, download movies, shopping work time. In order to protect company data security and take good management of employee, it is really very important to select a full-featured computer monitoring software.

The iMonitor computer monitoring software is now relatively well-known in the market, and trust by many large and small size enterprises.Its core team of professional software developers in a tune with programmers and testing experts has churned out spy software and advanced employee monitoring software. Not forget to mention its name as a latest and trusted computer monitoring software that helps in recovering every activity done over computer, tracking email and web mail, online storage usage, website search history, download and uploading details, program usage and time, and a lot more.With iMonitor monitoring software, business managers can easily master the staff’s all computer operations , to find default timely,guide timely,adjust timely , deal with it timely and can effectively protect data security.

It has become the time trend that Enterprises use computer monitoring software to manage.Only efficient management can bring efficient performance, good management of employees can make sure your company a good tomorrow!