IMonitor EAM Ver.8.3 Release Soon!

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We are now doing the final testing of EAM Ver.8.3 which will be released in days!
In this version we fixed some issues such as Japanese e-mail Garbled characters and now EAM works even more smoothly and stable than before. According to important feedback from our clients, this new version has added many marvelous new features!
A very useful feature is “auto file back up”. With this feature, you can have important files backed up automatically. Once the file is accessed/modified/removed/moved on client PC EAM will back up it on the server PC. When the staff delete important document by miss, searching for help in tears, you can tell him never mind every thing will be OK and give him the original document.
Another new feature is “multi-window live desktop”, with which you can view up to 30 live desktops at one time, to grasp what is going on on each computer in real time! By double clicking a window, the window will be enlarged so you can see the detail and take control on that PC.
The last good news. With all these great new features added, the pricing will keep still! Yes, iMonitorSoft will always provide customers with best cost-performance product.

A Nice Company Outing

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This is a yearly summer company outing of all iMonitorSoft Employees. The boss has always believed that one should balance work with play and this makes the work environment have a healthier atmosphere. I can’t agree with that more.
We had many games such as several relay games, a tug of war, and a sack race. However, my favorite was the cheering competition! It was so fun to see everyone out-dance, out-scream and out-cheer each other. My partner Cathy is always in charge of our company events and she really outdid herself this year in organizing one of the best company outings we’ve ever had.
Today was a really nice day. I love all my “family members”!

IMonitor EAM Needs Your Help to Get Better!

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IMonitor EAM needs your help to get better. We really want to know what our customers need. Our dream is to make the most satisfactory software for our customers. We would be very glad if you could give us your feedback. Please kindly advise which is the feature you want most to be added in EAM.

A. Number of keystrokes for each application. e.g. to monitor how many keystrokes an employee accomplished in Microsoft Word.
B. White list for specific web sites.
C. Monitoring of specified folder. Whenever the folder is accessed, take a screenshot and log this action.
D. Record how much time user spent on each web page.
E. Automatic evasion of antivirus.
F. Sub grade under department.
G. Record comment text submitted on web sites.
H. Send mail file attachment to the server PC.
I. Prevent specified documents from being printed.
J. Send file to all client computers at one time.
K. Other.

Security Consciousness of Employees Enhanced and Inappropriate Computer Activities Drastically Reduced

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Since the adoption of EAM Professional, we have managed to find out some inappropriate behaviors of employees, such as browsing non work related sites in working hours. We also found a large quantity of downloaded music files and video files.
After declaration of monitoring, security consciousness of employee notably enhanced and inappropriate computer activities drastically reduced. Now every body are kept on track. Some employees used to chat or do net surfing in working hours, with their tasks postponed. They are now working much more efficiently, finishing the assignment on time. What makes me really happy is that I saved plenty of overtime pay!

80% of Corporation Confidential Data Leakage Derived from Inner Crime

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A recent survey found that 80% of corporation confidential data leakage derived from inner crime.
Leakage of critical data might lead to big damage to a company. Most middle and small companies felt necessity for a counterplan but they found it was difficult to find an effective solution.
In such a situation, iMonitor EAM attracted business owners’ attention.
IMonitor EAM records every file operation including that on removable disk. With blocking features, it is also possible to completely forbid use of all removable device like USB stick, smart media, memory stick, SD card etc. IMonitor EAM can tell you who has printed confidential document or uploaded important files to online storage. You may also block any unwanted online storage site with EAM web-site filter. What’s more, every file attachment of e-mail/web-mail will be logged by the software, as well as file transfer via Skype.
Are you anxious about your business secret being sent to rival company? Do you fear client information leakage hurts company credit? For sure iMonitor EAM will be the best choice to protect your business.

According to experts, keystroke loggers pose more risk to PC users than any other tool used for committing cybercrime

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According to experts, keystroke loggers pose more risk to PC users than any other tool used for committing cybercrime. Also known as keylogger, they are small programs or hardware devices that monitor each keystroke you enter on a specific computer’s keyboard, including typos, backspacing and retyping.

Recording your every move on the Web

Although keyloggers are promoted for benign purposes like allowing parents to monitor their children’s whereabouts on the Internet, they can be used to spy on anyone. They are a form of spyware used by cybercriminals to covertly watch and record everything you type on your PC in order to harvest your log-in names, passwords, and other sensitive information, and send it on to the hackers. This may include any passwords you have asked your computer to remember for you to speed up logging in, as these are held as cookies on your machine.

Unfortunately for consumers, keyloggers are becoming very sophisticated. Once on a PC, they can track websites visited by the user and only log the keystrokes entered on the websites that are of particular interest to the cybercriminal, like online banking websites.

Types of keyloggers

Keyloggers can be one of three types:

Hardware Keyloggers: small inline devices placed between the keyboard and the computer. Because of their size they can often go undetected for a long time, but they do require physical access to the machine. These hardware devices have the power to capture hundreds of keystrokes including banking and email username and passwords.

Employee monitoring software Internet nowadays has become a real absorber

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Employee monitoring software Internet nowadays has become a real absorber, according to statistics, about 20% of the inappropriate use of working time spent on visiting s and blogs, comments on the release of a new , General Director of the company – Our company has taken into account this fact and has developed an effective system for monitoring, what exactly do the employees , the Internet, and in General computer use. Understand that the ban is not an option, all sites are close to impossible, for many employees, search engines and other websites and even reveal the place and work tool. Therefore, employers must see the statistics on the Internet for time and know exactly what you did in a particular employee. With this problem for more than 5 years successfully copes
In addition to the above functions include monitoring of e-mail correspondence and in the popular messengers like ICQ, QIP, etc. The program notes correspondence and shows which messages have been sent and to whom, saves all incoming messages and attached files oversees all operations with files and folders (copy, edit, move, etc.), and also produces shadow copying of printed files.

Most employers give their employees a reasonable amount of workplace privacy

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Most employers give their employees a reasonable amount of workplace privacy. Few managers grow concerned when an employee occasionally visits a news website or sends an email home. While at work, except in the company restroom or locker room, employees have no legal privacy rights. And today’s digital world, numerous employers are implementing employee monitoring software. On occasion, managers inform their staff that they are being monitored. Some studies show that informing workers of computer monitoring can prevent undesirable workplace behaviors. Nonetheless, secret monitoring of an employee’s computer activity is legal.
We have personally designed an employee monitor, which is basically a software that will allow you to monitor all the things in your business but especially its designed for your specific monitoring and you can utilize it as much as you can. All you just have to do is to put your efforts in software and then enjoying the benefits. Thanks

This site is one where you can download a small program that helps in better functioning of your personal computer

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This site is one where you can download a small program that helps in better functioning of your personal computer. With employee monitoring software you might have a higher productivity. I recommend it because I use it almost daily and it helps me a lot. I think you should use the program on this site you improve the performance of computer and work with it. Here you will find many categories that can inform about the site. These are Download, purchase, partner, and support. From the download can download the small program. From section you can buy the program to purchase safe and legal use, also can use free version. Heading Support Find help with the program from its users and those who have completed the program. I hope I’ve been helpful in connection with this site. I recommend you buy it or just use the demo version which is very good deasemeanea. All users were satisfied so far and you will not regret it.

iMonitor EAM a professional surveillance software, designed to monitor and control employee activities

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iMonitor EAM a professional surveillance software, designed to monitor and control employee activities. The software contains many features to improve employee productivity and prevent the wasting of work time.This software’s purpose is, of course, to ensure that staff members are productive during working hours. It may deploy several operations at once, such as: ‘events timeline logging’, which logs all events performed by employees on their workstations and lists these in an organized, viewable manner;‘keystroke monitoring’.
it records all your employees’ computer activities and gives you remote access to this information, including typed keystrokes, visited websites, opened applications, screenshots, and more. The software helps you to increase employee productivity with monitoring, as well as by blocking activities that are not work-related such us Facebook, Twitter, instant messengers, specified web content, etc.
Do you want to improve employee discipline and productivity? You should try employee monitoring software.
Install this employee monitoring software and let your employees know that all their computer activities are recorded. Just knowing that they’re monitored, employees work more efficiently. Statistics confirm that surveillance improves employee discipline and their productivity.