1. My boyfriend behaves strangely recently, not let me touch his cell phone, saying that this is a violation of his privacy and it’s very disrespectful to him, but I ofen check his phone before! And he always come back very late in the evening, saying he has a lot of job dinners, but his body is full of alcohol and perfume, and I I suspect he derailed…What should i do??

2. My boyfriend always chatting with others on his PC and with a smiling face recently. I want to see what they’re talk about but he do not let me see, even add a password to his PC!!! He’s very cold for me now.Does he loved other woman? ? ?

3. My girlfriend becomes so cold to me recently.Not answer my phone or message and often go out in the evening .She said she is with her good girl friend but i sam the girl in the street!! Does she derailed´╝č

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