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Computer surveillance software main features

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IMonitor Power Keylogger features: Record all keyboard input, including Chinese, English, numbers, function keys and keystrokes. QQ chat, MSN chat, send e-mail content and access some websites or mailbox login username and password will be recorded (Hint: Do not use the software for illegal purposes).

Screen record: time of the full screen or active window to save the screenshot, let your computer display and operation well known.

Monitoring the active window: Record all open windows titles and open time, and can block the opening of the title contains the window you specify. Such as: “adult novel” You can put “adult novel” keyword records to add to your ban, so any opening in the title of “adult fiction” window, the software will automatically close the window.

Monitoring program is running: run against the software you specify (the software has been pre-thirty games software), if we find an attempt to run the program you specify the ban will automatically close the program and recorded.

Advanced monitoring features: prohibit the use of chat software (such as QQ, UC, MSN, POPO more than ten species) Internet chat, prohibit the use of IE, Max thon, TT browser software such as web browsing, prohibit the use of a variety of software (such as Thunder and some BT download software) run the download. Prohibits changing the system time, prohibit the use of Task Manager (to prevent the unlawful termination of a running software), registry, control panel and so on.

Senior Auxiliary functions: monitoring software have all the information (key logger, screenshots, records and gigs active window, etc.) sent to the specified mailbox function, so you can easily use the network monitoring. And you can set software password, so do not know the password, the software settings can not be modified or deleted. Software also regular shutdown, you can specify a few sort of shut down the computer every day.

Print job monitor across the enterprise content management to monitor and prevent leaks and print print waste of resources

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IMonitor Print job monitor across the enterprise content management to monitor and prevent leaks and print print waste of resources. Provide a complete detailed reports and records management module to query and manage the print data for the management of timely and accurate understanding of the entire enterprise to provide the basis of print conditions.

I. System Overview

File print monitoring and management system for enterprise-wide print monitoring and management tasks, to prevent leakage print and print waste of resources. Provide a complete detailed reports and records management module to query and manage the print data for the management of timely and accurate understanding of the situation across the enterprise to provide a reference print.

Second, the main function

A full range of printing tasks through monitoring of management, leakage and waste of resources to prevent printing, to achieve the printing process before, during and after the overall management. Main functions are as follows:

1) control of illegal printing, to prevent leaks and waste by printing means printing resources.

2) provide a complete print process management: to provide a complete print the application, approval, implementation and management of printing privileges recovery process;

3) permission to review before printing: for each print job is submitted for permission to audit, for permission to print the print job does not prohibit printing and automatic alarm to the relevant management personnel;

4) to monitor the printing process: the process of printing the print job, detailed records of the relevant information, such as print executor, print approval of people, print the file size pages, orientation, color, etc.;

5) Print post the log management: You can print a variety of query logging, statistics, analysis and reporting, timely and accurately reflect the print of the entire enterprise;

6) Print the contents of the backup, the print data to back up, when necessary, can be reviewed in the print process, in order to confirm the print staff to apply to the actual printing of the print content and content are the same.

Third, the system features

Hidden: Print Monitor needs to be installed only on the print server, print the time the client feel the presence of control procedures.

Record data with high accuracy: The handle special printing process, print logging to ensure the accuracy and completeness.

System easy to use: The need for parameter settings where the wizard way to provide guidance to customers to set.

Of the print job to monitor a variety of ways: the system of printing tasks before, during and after the monitoring and management, to prevent the leakage of information through print and waste caused by printing resources.

Modular development, flexible function definition: The system uses modular development, facilitate the different needs of customers according to their needs the flexibility to define their own functions.

Print Monitor log on to provide better management capabilities: the Print Monitor can check the log, statistics, analysis, and generate various forms of reports, according to the back of the print data, can reproduce the print.

IV Conclusion

Computer technology and Internet technology, information society as a whole, are well prepared to enjoy the convenience of information technology and fast at the same time, information security is also threatened, the only way to solve information security problems , the information society can be successfully achieved.

Why you have to install employee monitoring software

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I can not install a firewall, you can not install antivirus software, but I have to install computer monitoring software easy to control the king … “feature in our software, employee productivity has been low for employees, flying single issues such as headaches of a foreign company Zhang, immediately decided his headquarters and two offices have been installed computer monitoring software easy to control the king, after his company installed all the staff are well aware of the state, employee monitoring at any time as needed to make timely adjustments to work arrangements greatly improve the efficiency of staff, bid farewell to the disclosure, one of the troubled flight, he said, not without emotion: “In the past you want to understand the working conditions of employees, managers must also be a meeting of the unified reporting, and it does not must be employees of the real situation, the staff is difficult to have a thorough understanding of work can only rely on their own judgments, low accuracy, low staff productivity will directly affect the company’s growth rate. Even some employees out of confidential information the company can be sold to competitors, or to corporate clients with a single to do, directly affects the company’s survival!

Email security become more important in companies

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United States, Europe and Australia business is very concerned about potential legal risks, so they began to hire more full-time staff to read employees’ e-mail, IMonitor Software.

Their findings may surprise you.

E-mail security and policy software vendor Proofpoint commissioned Forrester Consulting conducted an online survey company, survey, surveyed in the 301, and employs more than 1,000 companies, 29 percent of the company to read or to use other methods of analysis Check the e-mails; 38% of the business to business e-mail sent to regular inspections. 15% of enterprises have employees or part-time reading specialist corporate e-mails, or other methods for analysis of these e-mail checking.

In the more than 20,000 employees of U.S. companies, 41 percent of the company e-mails to read checks.

This trend seems to be more robust in the UK, participated in the survey of 32 enterprises, 38 percent of employees to analyze and read the e-mail, 53 percent of the company sent e-mail content will be regularly inspected.

These companies worried about? 424 global companies surveyed, 30% said adult, obscene or potentially offensive content is sent an e-mail most business concern in content. Proprietary or confidential business information in second place, 26 percent of those surveyed think that is the key. See Table I.

Table One: Enterprise for the issue of most concern to the e-mail, and employee monitoring software is the best solution now.

Staff management companies want to use e-mails, they are seeking technology (technology type unknown) with the help of: in a survey of 301 enterprises, more than 20 percent of companies have used the technical means to monitor the messages sent within the enterprise to check if it contains personal health data, personal data or other financial information, and web mail content in question.

Ironically, in the U.S. companies surveyed, only 15% said they had used the technology to check whether the leaked e-mails in the company’s intellectual property. But 30 percent of companies have used content-based encryption technology to protect e-mails.

If you work for a survey company, and use their e-mail in violation of the provisions may be wary: The survey of 301 U.S. companies, 44 percent of companies surveyed last year, and the confidential e-mail information leak, 51% of the enterprises in the same period of time for violating e-mail to the staff regulations of education; 15% of companies fired over the relevant employees.

Britain’s situation is even more severe: in the UK with 32 companies were surveyed, of which 78% of companies report there have been violations of employees use e-mail

Some employees work at the time, but some employees are abusing your trust

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Some employees work at the time, some employees are abusing the trust you give him, to work to play games, chat with Yahoo Messenger and MSN, browsing porn sites and job sites, watch movies, employee monitoring software, download movies or MP3, resulting in local area network and human resources a great waste. Professional survey: office Internet, 90% time to do is nothing to do with the work; survey also showed that pornographic Web sites and job sites 80% of browsing time in working hours. Clients can record all open windows, running programs, record visit all the URL? Users can record copy, paste, delete files, insert the USB record information to the database? Can not limit the QQ, restrict chat software or run some game software? Can monitor and record employee’s upload and download traffic? Can not control the Internet Monitoring, can limit access in some time? Can not disable the USB device to prevent information leakage, information leakage and security risk? Can not ban the game? Can set the computer can only run with computer monitoring software? Can only allow access to work-related website? Can monitor and recorder machine to send messages? Can monitor the QQ, MSN, Windows Live Messenger, Live Messenger, flying letters and other chat content? Staff can not force a backup machine useful work documents? Can on-screen history of the screen recorder? WorkWin management experts to provide you with unique solutions to the world, you will be surprised to find that everything is so simple, practical and enjoyable. According to Ministry of Public Security, “provides Internet security protection technology measures” clause 8 states: “Internet access unit should be able to record and retain users of the Internet and internal network address Network Address correspondence; records, tracking network running status, monitoring, recording and other security network security event auditing functions. “Article XIII:” Internet service providers and networking using the unit in accordance with the provisions of technical measures to implement the records retention should be kept for at least sixty days with a record of the backup function. “companies workplace installation, deployment, use of monitoring software is the legal framework.

IMonitor EAM help employer to find who leaked the company’s secrets

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“Business will come to monitor the human and material resources are not employees of the chat history in order to inquire about the privacy of employees, but sometimes the operation of enterprises in the process must do so. ” a company manager, Kim said. He told the author, in fact, his company had been monitoring employees chat thing. Kim found himself once the company’s customers report even public sale on Taobao, he was surprised afterwards, can not find who leaked the company’s secrets. By chance, he found the company lot of people pass information on MSN, so he asked knowledgeable people checked their machines, things really are in the process of data on broken by hackers, password, and then passed the Internet sold Counterparts. Fund Manager believes that a company of their own office computer monitor, is the legitimate exercise of the right of way of enterprise management. If the company has clearly defined working hours employees can not chat chat private matter, and the company has clearly told employees the company to install the monitoring facilities, in this case, the company through employee monitoring software to monitor employee computer usage, including View employee’s net chat records.

Use IMonitor EAM to protect corporate intellectual property rights

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Employee Activity Monitor can help you round all the computers to monitor employee behavior, protect corporate intellectual property rights. You just sit in the office used to tap the mouse to understand the working status of employees

Employee Monitoring software main features include:

* the client is running in hidden mode, a small memory footprint, CPU occupation of basic to 0, no third-party plug-ins completely independent intellectual property rights.

* Support for multiple computers simultaneously monitor, operation is extremely simple, the basic need training.

* Record all the files on the computer staff operations. Such as copy files, delete files, create files, open the file, the file is to the U disk, and other baking.

Ultimately Simply File Access Monitor Software

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Accompany global marketing age has come, more and more businesses are becoming painfully aware that not all sensitive information is being stolen by plenty of outsiders, most time business information will be accessed and leaked by the insiders in internal company.  The insiders are the biggest threat.

Unlike the past, present portable storage device and internet has brought much benefit to us, and also in the meantime dangerous threats have been taken up to surface. Most computer users, most time only need a few simple steps or even just one click of send button will send most secret files to anywhere in the world. Such behaviors are really let IT physicians be in headache, the reason is after computer users have done these dirty work, IT physician can’t find any trace which can discover file accessed.

Information leakage is a bit like picking up a handful of dry sand. Stopping it slipping through fingers will be hard to avoid. And file access monitor software is just like the last covers which will advance prevent or stop sensitive files being leaked. File activities monitor not only can real-time spy all important files accessed status like file copy, move, delete and rename, but also can record when, who and what applications already file being accessed. And the logs generated by file access monitor software will be saved on local computer or sent to remote server or even sent to specific email address.

Sensitive files protection like monitoring file status, notifying administrators what have been changed with specific files, has been one efficient method to avoid information leakage in most large business.  According to current business requirement, IMonitor File Access Monitor provides an ultimately simple solution for business environment.

Key features of IMonitor File Access Monitor including

  • Messages Alert — A simple message box that displays monitor findings. These message boxes are smart: if there are many pending alerts you can easily dismiss them all at once.
  • Support Email Logs to Specific Email Address — Logs can be sent to specific email address, no matter where you are and when you login in, it is easy to review all the logs.
  • Generate Files Accessed Logs — Log the findings of any triggered monitor to a file. Separate files can be created for each day, week, month, etc.
  • Support Multiple Format export — Logs can be exported in most common formats like Microsoft Word, Excel and Html in order to review conveniently later.
  • Configuration Security — Password protect IMonitor File Access Monitor, only the person knowing password can modify setting of IMonitor File Access Monitor.
  • Easy and Friendly User Interface — Clear program interface, let users master and understand the program in 10 mins.
  • Simple and Quick Installation — Takes less than 1 minutes to install and get a default installation customized for your system.

One of the most effective ways of preventing or significantly reducing information leakage is to adopt a proper tool to deal with the documents containing information that you need to control.  And now IMonitor File Access Monitor is just what your need.

Terrible thing heard at this afternoon !!

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“Did you feel that, the earth is shaking a little bit.” my office colleague said to me when I came into my office.” No joking man, did you drug something? ” I reply to him with a cunning smile. Just thinking it would be a joke between office colleague, but when I turned on my computer and point to New York Times website, and I realized all that is damn true. The real earthquake has happened in Haiti capital.

“The quake, which struck about 15km (10 miles) south-west of Port-au-Prince, was quickly followed by two strong aftershocks of 5.9 and 5.5 magnitude. The tremor hit at 1653 (2153 GMT), the US Geological Survey said. Phone lines to the country failed shortly afterward.” quoting from BBC news.

“Haiti sits on a large fault that has caused catastrophic quakes in the past, but this one was described as among the most powerful to hit the region. With many poor residents living in tin-roof shacks that sit precariously on steep ravines and with much of the construction in Port-au-Prince and elsewhere in the country of questionable quality, the expectation was that the quake caused major damage to buildings and significant loss of life.” quoting from New York Times.

Sounds really terrible, until now according to latest news, there are more than one thousand people who have been confirmed dead. And even worse, in many undiscovered wrecked area, estimating it would be more people dead.

And our company now has decided donated some funds to red-cross international organization and encourage all the staffs donate by personal name. Though it is not a big help, still hope this would be in time.

Please be in peace in heaven.

Being support staff, feeling a little tired!

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Why saying this today? The reason is sometime I wonder to know when customer is not satisfied with some kind of product or service, he or she can make some complaints to sales or support staff, but what about us? Being support staff, when I meet such case, though sometime I fully clear it is all not my or our company fault, only one thing I can do is just listening and saying sorry! what pathetic toy! Every time after complaints are filled with my mind and my body, always make me low down and in bad mood, and want to find an innocent “sheep”. Bad for them and bad for me.

Most time feeling some customers complaints or requirements are really ridiculous and making me shut my mouth, everything has been demonstrated or explained on our website, why not spend a little time to find out by themselves? Our website team always updates latest and faqs to website, but now thinking that is really not worth of it. Nobody cares or visited for help or more information, only they do is directly asking for help, yes, I know that would be a fast and easy way for them. But who cares our thoughts and feeling. Tired, though it is a little.

Anyway no matter how much I want to complain, still job is job, you can’t say no if you still being the position.