Employee’s working productivity is bond to company’s development. If they work hard, then the company will grow better, if not, then the company will get worse. However, most employee spend much time on YouTube all day, which is really a waste of money for the boss.

With iMonitor 365 remote monitoring software, you can not only alert on any access of YouTube, but it can also be used to block access if the manager want to limit access to non-work-related websites on company assets. What you need to do is just to add those website to blacklist from the web console.

imonitor365 features

The boss may curious about how much active time or idle time employee spent on work, and total times for websites in iMonitor 365 console by specific users or in the dashboard. This can indicate whether that activity was seldom or if serious time is being spent on amusement. If they spend much time on it, then we can use the rules to block all the sites, push them to spend time on work.

As the leader of the company, we must pay attention to the computer activities of each individuals, then we can make the company better.