With the development of the Internet, the office staff in the unit using a computer is already increasingly common phenomenon. Almost all companies, enterprises will use the network to manage internal resources or with the outside world of business, companies also spend a high cost access to the Internet, but in fact, these bandwidth resources are not fully utilized, some employees use company resources, chatting during working hours, work-related web browsing, playing games, stocks, shopping, downloading movies, the staff does not regulate online behavior of these enterprise resource consumption, seriously interfere with the conduct of normal business operations, resulting in lower business efficiency. At the same time, also to the enterprise caused a lot of negative effects:

1. Employee outgoing classified information, the bidding process is compromised, leaving employees to take away copies of important information, etc., to the enterprise business risks;
2. Employees secretly orders, flying alone, do private work overtime, causing economic losses to the enterprise;
3. The employee’s working hours are a lot of consumption, affect employee productivity, reduce business efficiency;
4. Employee extensive use of P2P, watching movies, Internet bandwidth congestion caused by the unit.

According to authoritative survey, only 36% of employees use computers at work during working hours, and up to 64% of the employees during working hours and work-related dry matter, of which 25% is used to browse irrelevant pages, 24% for chat 15% play games, almost two-thirds of employees work dry and irrelevant things; more, up to 83% of employees had left the company before taking a copy of the information. Without these acts take the necessary protective measures, ranging from lead to bandwidth abuse, the overall efficiency of enterprises affected; weight is cause leakage of secret information, the direct cause significant economic losses, even to legal action, it should not be underestimated hazard.

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