In the Internet office environment, it is imperative for enterprise data to prevent leakage, and the enterprise document transparent encryption system can solve the problem of data security.

Let’s take a look at the specific problems that can be solved by the company.


Ensure compliance and control of the documents issued by employees
The vast majority of internal leaks in enterprises are done by internal personnel. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the files sent and copied by employees via computers are controllable and compliant. The iMonitor EAM computer surveillance software leakage prevention system covers a variety of document security solutions, such as document transparency. Secret encryption, file outbound management and control, mobile storage device use restrictions, etc., a variety of management and control solutions can ensure that the terminal’s external file interaction behavior is safe and controllable.And iMonitor EAM support monitor employee computer activity.

Sensitive content identification
Employees can intercept highly sensitive data sent out by themselves and form relevant logs. At the same time, the imonitor EAM document transparent encryption system combines sensitive content analysis with document encryption technology, intelligently encrypts sensitive documents scattered in different locations of the enterprise, and maintains the core intellectual property rights of the enterprise.

Off-grid office staff management
The management of staff on business trips or remote offices should not be slack. Improper management is very likely to cause data leakage risks. While conducting security management and control of internal highly sensitive documents, in order to facilitate the normal work of off-grid employees, employees can initiate off-grid approval for managers through the iMonitor EAM document transparent encryption system to ensure that the terminal ciphertext remains available during business trips Status, does not affect daily office.

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