Website monitoring tool continually monitors every web page that is accessed on the computer and saves a record for your review. Website monitoring tool provides you performance monitoring and traffic analysis on who is visiting a inappropriate website, what pages they are viewing, etc. MSN Keylogger gives you ability to log all chat conversations, block messages from unwanted people and filter message content with pre-set keywords even when you are away from your computer. Running in total stealth mode. Website monitoring tool gives you important details such as the time of last visit, time spent on the site, the total number of visits to the website and much more! Website monitoring tool gives you control over every employee browsing the Web, transferring files, chatting, outbound e-mail and instant messaging address, data security, confidentiality and especially legal liability for inappropriate Internet usage in context. You can also highlight any recorded web site and choose for the future one-click access to prevent – or – take preventative action and create your own list of sites to block. IMonitorsoft products: computer monitoring software 丨 parental control software 丨 Power Keylogger 丨 Power Folder Protector 丨 Time Sheriff