Watch your home to see is there a thief in your house when you are at work in the office?
“Yes, you can!” In an high tech exhibition hall, the staff told reporters, “This is the latest mobile phone monitoring service, as long as you install a camera in the home, then stay  at the workplace, you can open the mobile client or login phone WAP service, you can see live picture of the remote camera in your house to check if there has a thief entered your house or not. ”

Not only a small cell phone monitoring function achieved easily, but also you can remote control home appliances through family intelligent terminal. “For example, the weather is hot, you can open the air-condition through  your mobile phone to set a suitable temperature on the way home, and you you can enjoy a refreshing home directly when you back home.” For “lazy people”, it will be even more convenient, after go to bed, If you find the living room lights is on, forgot to shut the TV, it does not matter, the new hign tech will  make you to be a lazy people!