If you operate a large corporation or a small business it is vitally important that you are able to adequately track the activities of your employees when they are using the computer. By using employee monitoring software it is possible for you to successfully keep an eye on what your employees are doing any time that they are using the computer. Perhaps the most prolific use of employee monitoring software is designed to monitor the sites that employees visit online while using computers at their workstations. You can then be notified any time that employees are looking at websites that should not be viewed in the workplace. You can also set up the system to be notified so that employees are not wasting company time visiting various websites that they should be looking at on personal time. It allows you to ensure that employees are focused on work while they are being paid.

You can also use the software to track overall computer usage, allowing you to determine how many hours a given employee is spending on the computer. This may give you a better idea of overall employee productiveness. You can also track work hours using the system, eliminating the need to use a time clock and allowing you to incorporate several functions into one software system. One of the best systems of this type is IMonitor EAM, available from http://www.imonitorsoft.com.

You know how difficult it can sometimes be to keep an eye on what your employees are actually doing when they are work. By using this type of software you can make sure that your employees are staying focused on work even when you are not directly present to ensure that fact. This software also eliminates the need for having an IT department to watch what your employees are doing online. This is an important factor in helping many businesses save a great deal of money, as all of the aforementioned features are incorporated into the employee monitoring software.