Yesterday, a long time chatting is between our one important customer and me. As to security of our EAM Products and employee leaking confidential files, we discussed and exchanged some ideas each other. Really nice chat, for me, being a member of IMonitor Support Team, some instructing suggestions and ideas customer has pointed really help and shock me a lot. Beside that, I am so excited because now I am deeply knowing more and more customers are taking care of our EAM Products and hoping us go much further. Thanks for you all in my deep heart.

Why and how some employees leak company confidential files? For the first part of this question, thinking it would be easy to answer. Most persons do this way just for one selfish purpose, money. Some others maybe do such things for other bad purposes, but all that reasons or purposes are coming from human selfish mind. It is a little hard to explain the second part of the question, because the unnoticed methods stealing business serious files are so many and various. I can not list all at here,not want reader think this blog article as a doomed company year logs, so just show a couple of ‘ creative stealing’ idea. One of them is an employee¬† want to steal file,but he doesn’t do this copy or move process in his own computer, instead of using other person’s computer do copying file from his or company servers. Another one is still ‘smart’, one employee tried to print some files and then mail these stuff to his home. Thinking these would be ok? NO WAY, our customer told me just using our EAM Products, everything employee had done with computer would not be invisible. Powerful tracking and 24/7¬† logs of our products make this be impossible. Two cases above, these employees have been put in to court.

EAM Products make our customers confident, but also make me be proud. Thank for you using our products and thank for our skillful programmers.