Nowadays it has been widely accepted to monitor the employee’s performance in the workplace. In order to improve the working efficiency and productivity with no expense of morale or privacy of the staffs, the managers try to find the probable methods to achieve the balance.

Some software is applied to monitor employees’ performance by the way of physicalities, such as monitoring activities including the emails, keystrokes and website visits. Even some monitoring units use some malicious methods including making screenshots from PCs or set a webcam in PCs which is illegal and immortal. Hence, the employers should take the actual condition of the workplace and the degree of supervision into consideration. It’s illegal and immortal to monitor the excessive performance of the employees outside work.

The specific condition of the Monitoring software should be known by all the staffs in the workplace such as how much information will be recorded and so on. If the monitoring circumstance was fair and unclosed, all the staffs would be glad to accept being monitored. Therefore during the process of applying this monitoring software, fairness is the crucial element which can make sure the interests of the company as well as the private rights of the staffs.

The monitoring software can record and provide a list of employees’ improper activities at work time to the employers including browsing some pornographic website, surfing the net for non-work related purposes, operating with a low efficiency to the business as well as disclosing the trade secret and searching jobs during the wok time. By using monitoring software, there will be no disputes and arguments between employers and employees who will know their obligations clearly.

The advices above are just some fundamental ones to monitor employee’s performance. You can get more information from the websites specializing on the monitoring software, especially some useful suggestions of installing and applying this program.