The issue privacy in workplace has become controversial. Almost in all states, the employees are monitored no matter at the workplace or outside by the technological supervising tools. The low efficiency, theft and lawsuit have brought great cost to companies. Therefore, the surveillance at workplaces is very important and encouraged by most companies, which is beneficial to employers and employees as well.

In big companies, monitoring employees would be charged by some particular department while it doesn’t fit the small companies because of the cost. In this way, the monitoring software has been used to supervising the employees, which has aroused the hatred by the employees. Owing to the shortage of the related laws concerning employee protection and technological abuse, more and more people have shown their concern towards the workplace privacy.

The monitoring software can check employee’s performance in different levels, for instance, it can display the error and the typing accuracy made by employees as well as the jobs they have done and so on. All these data can be used by managers to evaluate the performance of employees. Even more this software can show the employees’ absent time from the computers and the contents stored in employee PC PCs, which is beneficial for the managers as well as the employees who can improve their efficiency of work.

Tips to select Computer Monitoring Software

1. Consider the comments of monitoring software especially the ones coming from the small companies before the decision is made.
2. Check on the usefulness of the monitoring software in your business work.
3. Check on the convenience of the monitoring software during the process of installing and maintaining.
4. Check on the installing methods of the software (whether it should be installed separately or not).
5. Make sure the support can be given when it’s needed.

It’s very easy and convenient to install monitoring software. The only thing you need to do is making your workers know they have been monitored at workplace. While such software should be modified according to the actual needs and preferences for the reason that the employees are endowed with the rights to know the rules and contents they have been monitored. Nowadays a large amount of this software has been downloaded and applied in office, which has obvious advantages including it’s convince and confidentiality. Much information including keystrokes, chats, e-mails, and instant messages can be reserved by this software.