Do you know the advantage of using employee activity monitoring software in company? And do you know which software is better? If you don’t know, I will give you a good suggestion – iMonitor EAM.

The use of iMonitor EAM pc monitoring software is common in many businesses, especially those where employees spend a majority of their time at a computer. Using this software lets employees know they cannot slack off, and lets managers know which employees are not being productive. To ensure productivity, and to ensure that the employee is not going against company policy, several events are checked.


With screenshot, you can play back to check what the employee did during their work time, which will record all the activities on the computer.

With live desktop, you can check what employee doing now, iMonitor EAM also support multiple live desktop, which means you can check all the employee’s screen from your computer at the same time.

With the report, the administrator can generate a dashboard for all the employee’s computer activities, he will know each individual’s time spend clearly.

There are also other advantages, you can find it after you use it. I’m sure iMonitor EAM will help you a lot with your business.