For satisfied with specific customer requirements, now ROI Calculator function has been added in our official website.

What is ROI Calculate ?
Simply ROI is short word of Return on Investment. Return on Investment is used by companies to understand the business value of investments and today it is one of the main drivers behind spending money on technology. ROI is a family of financial measurements known as Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Payback and are all as important as each other. NPV, IRR and Payback are the primary measures that define the business value of any investment and therefore are key within the financial decision-making process. The ROI family represents Value (NPV), Rate (IRR) and Time (Payback). Value; how much money they will make on the investment. Rate; the yearly percentage returned on the funds used on the investment. Time; when they will get their initial investment back. The objective of ROI in the sales process is to quantify and value the benefits rather than minimize the cost.
Clients need ROI based on their own specific circumstances. Industry standard claims irrelevant.

What benefit customers can get by using EAM products according to ROI?
By using EAM ROI Calculate, customers would be easy and clear to get some information like below
*How many percent EAM has reduce non-business related Internet Activity (Web Surfing, Chat/IMs, Email, etc…)
*How much Annual Company savings using EAM
*How much Annual Savings per employee
*How much estimated Cost Per User
*How much time to recoup investment
Everything related company would be clear to find out and convenient to value your investigation.