With the popular application of computer and internet, people achieve an unprecedented informationization in entertainment, communication, learn, work and other aspects, which extremely improve the life quality and work efficiency. However, whether can you feel the “unsafe” negative factor produced by computer when you enjoy the convenience?

As a Business Management, can you find some problems below to trouble you?

1)       Employee spent much time to watch the entertainment news in working hours.

2)       Chat software is used in private chat to decrease the work efficiency.

3)       Email communication solicits the corporate customer to do personal work.

4)       Employee Install the software that the company doesn’t allow.

5)       Employee even use computer to play game when the employer is absent.

6)       Employee use removable memory disk to leak the company’s confidential information.

Abundance resource are wasted and work efficiency was badly affected.

Imonitor EAM is a professional network monitoring software, which is widely used in small, middle-size, and big company. This software has a powerful function and is easy to operate. The

Imonitor EAM is tailor-made product for company manager, which can enhance production efficiency and reduce the unnecessary wasting of resources to help the enterpriser to cultivate an excellent atmosphere for company.

The Imonitor EAM has a comprehensive function

1)       Real-time screen monitoring: the employer have a panoramic view about employee’s behavior.

2)       Chat monitoring: the imonitor EAM can monitor the content of chat when employee use tools to talk, which is convenient for manager to manage the employee’s behavior and avoid to do irrelevant work.

3)       mail monitoring: the imonitor EAM can record all employee’s email in real-time.

4)       file, game, stocks monitoring

5)       user-defined forbidden software: the Imonitor EAM can setting some forbidden software in employee’s computer to make them to well use computer.

6)       filtering website: Imonitor EAM can allow the employee enter into the specified website and shield other website.

7)       port block: the imonitor EAM can block employee internet port, chat port, game port to regularize the employee’s behavior on internet.

8)       file operations: The Imonitor EAM can remotely manage the employee file in computer, such as copy, cut, delete, rename and so on.

9)       remote control: the Imonitor EAM can conduct a remote power off, restart, inform and check window list of employee and process list.

10)   forbidden USB flash disk

11)   forbid to use other hardware

12)   timely alert, permission management, bulk operation

13)   employee assessment:The Imonitor EAM can make a statistics about the employee’s efficiency in some month, the employer can visually find out the using time and frequency of various software, which is reflected by histogram and pie graph.

The employer will have a more audio-visual evaluation for employee’s work through Imonitor EAM to adjust employee’s work in time, which can well enhance the work efficiency of employee.