Keylogger software invisibly saves all data in log file with option to send at specified email id. Hidden keylogger acts as surveillance software which monitors internet use via keep watch on URLs visited, downloads or any data access through internet. Hidden keylogger facilitates user to capture windows login time and system time modifications. Keylogger software stores all information in .txt or .html format according to user choice at specified location. Hidden keylogger records every record of keyboard keys including previous day which helps user to retrieve any lost information which is accidentally deleted. Invisible keylogger software can be easily installed on any Windows operating system like 98, 2000, 2003, XP or Vista etc. Hidden keylogger has simple and understandable interface so that anyone can handle it without any technical assistance. Power Keylogger Features: * Hidden keylogger software record each and every key pressed on keyboard and saves data to log file in .txt or .html format. * Power Keylogger does not require any technical knowledge to install it. * Power Keylogger will not make system run slowly while working on it. * Power Keylogger is the best solution for parents to control kids’ computer or internet activities. * Power Keylogger works in hidden mode and automatically records all typed keystrokes and store them to log file.