After viewing many user’s feedback about power keyloggyer, new version power keylogyyer 4.2 will be released in a couple of days. Base on many customers suggestions, besides all trusted features, new version power keyloggyer will add one exciting function — Screenshot captured automatically. Screenshot captured function will grab the screenshot according to what time interval user has set, for example, when user set every other 5 seconds in screenshot tab of setting menu, power keyloggyer will record user current screen in specific time interval.

What benefits user would get from this new exciting feature?

One more important benefit would be much better clear and easy for user to monitor his or her computer. As to old versions power keyloggyer, if user want to see what his or his computer has been done, user need view text logs power keyloggyer generated. However the old way to check out logs would be a little bit hard for most computer user. Comparing with old version, the latest version power keyloggyer has provided a better and clear way to deal with this problem. For quickly viewing logs, user just need view the screenshot at specific time user want to know. Easy and clear, that is just what IMonitor Company programmer concerned.

Want to give a new power keyloggyer a try, please check out our official website later.