000I have been with my GF for one year, she is very cute but too suspicious and always check my phone and asked me who that person is, and I always worried about i have something with other girls, in one word,she knows my mobile better than me. So I have replaced the girls’ names in my address book name with the relatively short like boy’s names, and dare not to use chat app often.I thought everything will be ok,but it seems like that she still knows my everything,including what video or movie i saw,which blog i entered,when i turned off my computer and went to bed,who i chaatted with on the net.It almost that she knows my everything.At first I thought maybe she checked my web browser records, then I realized that maybe my computer is being monitored by her ! ! Then I found a computer whiz buddy and told him my situation, he checked my computer carefully and confirmed that my computer is installed with monitoring software. iMonitor or something PC monitoring soft.Oh,my god!! I can’t believe it ! I am being monitored!! She knows my everything on the computer.Modern technology is really too strong and too terrible! Being monitored by such a monitor software, I can only listen to her words obediently and do everthing she wants me to do.