My former employee leaked confidential information to my enemy company after his resignation because of dissatisfied with the salary i gave him。The result is that  a long talk business fell through and  cause huge economic losses. He always thought of his work capacity, high-tech, but wages are not high. October of this year, he submitted his resignation to me and left with sneaking the relevant technical drawings out of the company, maybe also  copied some important data or key information.I do not know if other employees did this kind of things too.

I didn’t  sign a confidentiality agreement when he joined my company,so there is no way to pursue his legal responsibilities, I’m so regret about it.I did treat him well before,but unexpected he betrayed me.This is really a shock on my economy and heart.A friend of mine recently suggested that I should use the employee computer monitoring software, so i can monitor all computer operations  to prevent information leakage, and also  learn about the work of the staff and whether they have the intention to leave to avoid the company bahave too passive. I checked a lot of information, compared  7 kinds of monitoring software, and finally decided to buy your  iMonitor employee computer monitoring software.The software’s functionality is indeed very powerful, 360 ° remote monitor all computer operations, including receive/sent Email content, chat, web browsing history record, download, print, print content , it can also specify a filter to limit web, remote control employee computers, and there are daily, weekly, monthly summary analysis.It can give me a  very comprehensive show to know  employees’  PC operating.With the help of iMonitor,I hope  there will be no this kind of incidents occurred.