I have an advertising design company, less than 50 employees. OnceI happened to see an employee chatting with her private chat software, and i said nothing. After deliberately observing ,i foud she used most of her time in chatting and on-line shopping,what’s more,other employees also have this situation. I know employees do private thing during working hours, but did not expect to be so serious! They take my salary but not work well for me, it gives me a feeling of being cheated. I used monitoring software to monitor my child’s computer before and it’s very useful.You can learn all of his computer information, so I decided to use employee comuputer monitoring software to monitor computer activities , according to their workload to set wages and urge them to make good work.

I used iMonitor Keylogger Professional software before, this time I choosed iMonitor employee computer monitoring software. iMonitor Keylogger Professional is a very powerful tool for parental control, it can limit computer web browsing time, game time and application time, and it also can block harmful website and unwanted application.With this software, I can not only urge my employees to improve their work efficiency but also be effective in protecting confidential company information to prevent employees leaking. In short, I want to thank this software!

If your company is also facing the same problem , I sincerely recommend iMonitor employee computer monitoring software, it certainly can help you manage your employees easily.