Since its release, Power Keylogger For Home has been providing families with a secure means to monitor, filter and control inappropriate use of the Internet for their children. If there are no effective means to manage kids internet usage, your children will easily expose themslves to internet predators or some malicious fellows. Power keylogger for home records the date and time the title bar is opened, and the date and time each time it changes. If there are several users who have access to the computer, it records which user is using the computer at the time the program is used.
Power Keylogger For Home is a smart monitoring software that allows you to record detailed web browsing history, including data you submit to websites. Featuring a complete set of filtering, search, export, and statistics options. Power Keylogger For Home is easy to operate. With Internet management solutions, it can put you in control of each user’s web browsing, file transfers, news, chat, e-mail and instant message. If you accidentially delete some important messages, it allows you to retrieve the text of those e-communications content. IMonitorsoft products: Internet monitoring software 丨Internet filter 丨Keystroke Logger丨 Power Folder Protector.