”My son is now 13 and spending a lot of time chatting on the computer, and I want to monitor his usage, including keystroke monitoring. It’s better a remote keylogger software.”

If you search ”monitor kids’ computer” on Google, you may see a bunch of  questions like this. As we all know that the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, etc,  has been integrated into the lives of our children. They spend a substantial amount of time on it chatting with their friends. This doesn’t look like a problem at first glance, but it certainly has become a huge nuisance. They succumb to all sorts of bad habits which are hard to let go if not nipped in the bud at early stages.

The spread of cellphones and tablets in the hands of children has complicated matters, giving rise to applications that attract the young and worry parents. Earlier this month, for instance, came revelations that an app designed for flirting, called Skout, had led to three sexual assault cases involving children across the country. Even on Facebook, studies have repeatedly shown, there are plenty of children younger than 13, the minimum age for members, and many of them join with help and supervision from their parents.

Penetrating the surface there are more deeper reasons, explained why social network monitoring is necessity to be monitored.  

Developing Habit of Using Profane Language

When talking to their friends, kids sometimes get out of hand and start using profane language. Because there’s no one to stop them, they keep on doing it and soon it becomes a habit. This same language is then integrated into their regular conversations, which is something that’s going to hurt them for life. It’s up to you to save them from this problem and the only way you can achieve this feat is by monitoring their Facebook conversations. As soon as they start using abusive language with anyone, intervene right away and explain to them how this habit can take a toll on their social standing, and personal and professional relationships. Even if your words don’t get through to them, they’ll definitely fall in line when they realize that their parents are keeping an eye on them.

Online Predators on the Hunt

Kids add people they don’t know and start to converse with them for no apparent reason. These added individuals can turn out to be online predators who are always on the hunt for unsuspecting youngsters. They tell them made up stories to gain their attention, and then they try their very best to arrange a meeting with them. This strategy works a lot more than any parent would feel comfortable with. You certainly don’t want this to happen to your little ones, which is why it is recommended that you seek help from a monitoring solution to keep an eye on their Facebook chats. If you see them talking to someone who seem a bit suspicious, inquire about them, and if your kids don’t know about them, then conduct your own research about them.

The Potent Risk of Sexting
Sexting is another big problem that has been causing a lot of issues these days. Children send provocative messages to each other. Sometimes it goes beyond that and they start sharing revealing pictures of themselves with people they haven’t even met in real life. This trend has really taken off lately as kids add random people, talk to them, get intimate with them, and start to exchange pictures and videos that are inappropriate to say the least. The person they are sexting can, and often does, share the photos and videos on a public platform. This is a very real threat and has been plaguing the current generation since the arrival of Facebook. If you crave safety and privacy of your children, then you must get help from a monitoring tool because that is the only way for you to know if your kid is engaging in sexting. This will put an end to it before things get out of hand.

However, for some parents, they’d rather to discuss with their children. They holds an opinion that  discussion is a good place to start. Installing internet blocking software is one approach. Another is to set family limits — that everyone in the family obeys — for computer or online time. We can not say their choice is wrong, but don’t forget our children they are not babies anymore, we can not control what they want to do. And the children spend half a day at school that we can not keep eye on them anytime.

What we expect, is not forbid our children do something, is we want to know what they are doing, thinking; we want to know more about them. Only we know better about them, we can discuss better to them.

We do need a computer monitoring software for our children. If you are going to keep your child safe from inappropriate content and cheaters browsing the Internet, take advantage of  keylogger software and become more aware of your children computer use.