Website monitoring tool helps you quickly locate workers who did something bad during work time. It also provides compelling evidence of ineffective work. MSN Keylogger can automatically capture all incoming and outcoming chat conversions and all MSN Messenger, ICQ, AOL, Windows Live Messenger and send log reports in text format to a pre-set email box, which allows you to wise up any MSN activity happened on your computer. Here we strongly recommend Power Keylogger which will fit your exact needs in a satisfactory way. Why you need this website parental control software – Power Keylogger? The virtual world is filled with a great wealth of alluring temptation even the obedient child can not resist, for example , the shopping sites, entertainment sites, gambling sites and so on, the list can be endless. On this account, Power Keylogger can serve as a excellent deterrent and an effective tool for blocking the website unrelated to work or, you deem unsavory. This is where Power Keylogger shines, there are several options for you, and you can choose whichever that best suit your needs or combine them randomly when necessary. IMonitorsoft products: computer monitoring softwareparental control softwarePower KeyloggerPower Folder ProtectorTime Sheriff