Phone monitoring software is to use a cell phone for some purpose to monitor and even control another phone software.

The purpose of mobile phone monitoring between malicious and goodwill, to the malicious,  if someone installs a monitoring application onto a  mobile phone secretly, it can monitor all the movement of the mobile phone, such as eavesdropping on their calls and text messages. After the well-intentioned as parents on their child’s phone to install monitoring software, you can know your the child’s location in real time, the child’s text message conversations with his/her friends and web browsing content in order to protect the child’s healthy growth.

A very handy use is when you mobile phone is stolen , you can  timely delete the critical data and information from the stolen phone, or even lock stolen phone to let the thief can not use it anymore.

Basic Information

Phone monitoring software is for certain purposes, using the user’s negligence or mobile phone network security vulnerabilities, the special program installed on the phone can steal phone calls and messages, and it can exposing the phone user privacy. It can also secretly record phone calls and text messages and sent to the a specified email account. Over all, only the smart phone can  install such a software, if your phone is not a smart phone you do not need to panic!

Function can be realized
1 , Phone monitoring
You can monitor the actual target phone calls, when the target phone starts a telephone conversation , you will receive a secret SMS notification .
2. Environmental sound monitor
You can remotely activate the microphone remotely, hear sound from the target phone , such as talking in the room , shouting voices on the street , or voice on a commercial secret meetings.

3 , Read text messages
Read the contents of all SMS messages sent and received ; even if the user has deleted the message after read , you will still get the message content backup.

4 , Read e-mail
5, GPS location tracking
6 , cell base station location
7 , contacts inquiry
8 , Web History
9, SIM card change notification
10, the video camera