Key logging software runs at the background. Stealth technology ensures that key logging software is completely hidden from everyone except you. Nobody but you can launch or delete the key logging software. This lets you secretly monitor anything viewed and typed on your computer while you are away. Simply install the key logging software on your PCs, and within seconds, you\’ll be able to monitor your computer. To analyze this information later, you can either send the log file via e-mail to a pre-specified address, or save it to a specified shared resource in LAN environment. The important advantage of Key logging software is that you can save log files into a special database and easily retrieve the information. Website monitoring tool – Power Keylogger is a hidden keylogger that can log all websites visited on your computer. It is the best invisible keylogger software that keeps an eye on each action performed by instant messanger. Log what they talked on line. Website monitoring tool record web sites visited * Block porn websites intelligently. * You can customize URLs you want to block. If you enter “girl” so that all URLs contain “girl” will not be visited. * You can customize some specified URLs so that other URLs are not be visited. * You can customize words that are not allowed show in web pages. If you enter “stock”, ”game” or “movie”, all web pages contain these words would be blocked. IMonitorsoft products: Computer monitoring software丨 parental control softwarePower KeyloggerPower Folder ProtectorTime Sheriff