Many business people often wonder if they should be monitoring what their employees are doing on the computer when they are not around. What your employees get up to online could be harmless, such as chatting on Facebook. It also could be that your employees actions online could be affecting your business in a negative way.

It is a shame that companies need to do this, however it may well be in your best interests to think about implementing employee monitoring software on your network. Spying on people does tend to leave a bad taste in our mouths, but if the person has nothing to hide and they are doing their job properly; then they really have nothing to worry about.

Many companies and Government departments are utilizing some form of employee monitoring software. In fact, in the US alone, about seventy-five percent of businesses have some form of monitoring on their office network.

You may think that employee monitoring is a waste of time because you trust your employees and you are confident that the people you have employed would not do anything untoward that would hurt your business. This may be true, but lost productivity due to your employees spending too much time on social networks chatting to friends, watching videos or sending around funny emails will cost your business. Perhaps not immediately; however over time lost productivity will see a drop in profits.

You might even have a legal problem to deal with due to an employee visiting questionable websites, such as pornographic sites. This could become public and hurt your business or someone else in your employ may take offense because they witnessed an employee looking at pornography and you might even be looking at a sexual harassment complaint. If it ends up a legal issue, this could definitely harm your business, especially if it is made public.

Another issue could be that your employees could be downloading viruses and Malware without realizing it and this will cost you in terms of technicians to come to your office to eradicate these computer viruses. Sometimes these bugs cannot be removed and you may have to replace your entire network of computers, so this is a good reason alone to consider employee monitoring software.

If you think that employee monitoring software is something that would benefit your business then you should get the ball rolling on implementing this into your office. It is recommended that you inform your employees of what you intend to do, as honesty is usually the best policy. If they complain then perhaps you might suggest they look for work elsewhere, because when someone complains loudly about being watched, the chances are; they have something to hide.

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