Internet Monitoring will give you answers to many questions such as what web sites your children spend most time visiting and which child spend more time viewing web sites. In which moment are they most active? What web sites do your children devote most time to? Leaving them freely to roam the Internet can cost your children thousands of problems when they are growing up, reduced internet usage, and increase study efficiency.

Password keylogger software takes full control over your computer system as software secretly stores keystrokes into an safe log file so that administrator could know external users activities including visited web site, system login-name/password, emails, windows clip board entries etc in his absence. Website parental control software – Power Keylogger can keep a detailed and concise record of what web pages your children have visited when they are supposed to sleep or study. Undoubtedly this feature is far more better than history list, besides what the history list offers, you can get the following information with only a single click with Power Keylogger! IMonitorsoft products: computer monitoring software 丨 parental control software 丨 Power Keylogger丨 Power Folder Protector丨Time Sheriff