The iMonitor EAM Employee Monitoring Software was something that we didn’t want to install at first because we didn’t see the need to monitor our employees. However, after we had a few issues with viruses on our computers, we decided it was time to clamp down and figure out where these viruses were coming from. We didn’t tell the employees that we had installed the software.

So, we looked at the information that we were getting and noticed that, because we could see everything that was going on, we could see every search, every TV show and every document that our employees were viewing. Yes, many people were doing their job for the majority of the day, but there were also people who were doing their work and then watching movies or TV on their computers. These illegal downloads were bringing random viruses into the network that we just couldn’t afford.

We never had to fire anyone, but we were able to mitigate any problems that we were having with our employees. Then, we decided to look at what was going on when our IT guy was working on the computers. We noticed that our IT guy was doing the reimaging of the computers and other items that needed to be done, but we could easily see that the IT guy was working more slowly than he should.

We had been spending thousands of dollars a month on IT services, and while we needed those repairs to be done, our IT guy was doing the jobs two to three times slower than they should have been done. With this evidence, we were able to get a refund on the extra hours we had paid for.

The iMonitor computer monitoring software saved us a great deal of trouble with our employees and contractors…thank you iMonitorSoft!