The Winter vacationĀ is coming, it is estimated that many parents have already made good plans forĀ their children ,for example, cram schools, learning dance or learn musical instruments, etc., but no matter what, during the winter, the children will have more time contact with the opportunity to computers, mobile phones will have more contact with the outside world, which also indicates that they will be surrounded by all kinds of dangers, child disappearances in recent years, increasing year by year, not only with the child’s own sense of safety related , greater social insecurity caused by the outside. Therefore, during the holidays, parents should be a lot more concerned about their children’s whereabouts, beware of the tragedy.

But fortunately, we live in an age of technology, advanced technologies, such as software that can help us solve many problems. iMonitor monitoring software are able to help you out, so you can easily supervision of your child’s whereabouts. iMonitor monitoring software’s main products are: iMonitor PC monitoring software, iMonitor phone monitoring software and employee computer monitoring software.

iMonitor PC monitoring software is based on the integrated network monitoring software for remote computer monitoring, as long as there is a machine that can connect to the Internet device, you can monitor a remote computer through a browser anywhere. iMonitor PC monitoring software fully monitor various computer behavior, including: e-mail records, file operations records, web browsing history, online chats, keyloggers, software usage records, print records, USB devices recording, FTP upload / download records clipboard record system event records.

iMonitor phone monitoring software that can secretly monitor SMS, GPS positioning, call recording, call recording, contact information, pictures, videos, application software and website browsing history records. Today, the popularity of smart phones make people contact has become easier, but this is also dangerous at the same time provides us with convenience. As a parent you have to wonder whether the various social networking sites and chat tools to make your child can easily come into contact with strangers, it is possible to bring children exposed to drugs, violence, pornography risks. How to protect your child from danger from harm? How to effectively manage their children’s actions? iMonitor phone monitoring software can help you master the movements of the child, the parents managed assistant!

iMonitor employee computer monitoring software is designed for a computer firm behavior monitoring software design and development, it can make your computer behavior of all employees under the supervision of, and thus regulate the way people work, supervise and improve employee productivity, reduce business waste of resources, to prevent disclosure of corporate trade secrets.

iMonitor all monitoring software are working in stealth mode, you do not have to worry about someone else can find a comprehensive monitoring each other’s whereabouts. With iMonitor and children you can have a relaxing winter break. So easy a monitoring software, you definitely worth having.