Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many company arranged their employee working from home, and how to know the employee’s productivity, that’s a question.

Since you do not work in same office as usual, you will never know what they are doing at worktime. some employee’s may playing games or watching TV during the working time. It’s a wast of money for the company. We must take action to stop it.

With iMonitor 365, you can monitor the employee’s computer at anywhere. iMonitor 365 is cloud based, you just need to install the agent program on the target computer, then you can login the web console to check the details.
Live desktop:
iMonitor 365 supports Live desktop monitoring, you can check what the target computer is doing. Besides, we also support mutiple screen monitoring, It’s a big difference with other monitoring software on the market.

Extensive Report:
iMonitor 365 genernate report automatically, Management will easily know which employee works hard and who spend all the time shopping online. The statistic will be helpful for the manager or HR to judge employee’s productivity.

You can add watermark on the target computer, like your company name, and modify the setting file to change the watermark appearence.

File Encryped:
Data security is another important features for the company, that including the client information, design artwork, code and so on. With iMonitor 365, you can encrypt all the files you want.

The default interval for screenshots is 30s, and you can change it to 10s. You can also playback the screenshots like a PPT. The screenshots won’t miss anything.

Detailed logs:
iMonitor 365 will record all the activity of the employee’s computer. Such as keystrokes, keyword, screenshots, website visited, application usage,work attendance,block and so on.

If you are interested in our remote employee monitoring software, please feel free to contact us. We will help your business growing.up

Finally, I hope you and your family all good in this pandemic period, please do necessary precautions when going out, such as wear a mask and better stay at home.