iMonitor 365 is cloud-based, used to monitor remote computers. As long as there is a device that can connect to the Internet, you can monitor remote computers anytime and anywhere through a browser.


iMonitor 365 realizes remote monitoring through the Internet. It transmits all computer behavior records to your account in real time. As long as you open the browser, you can grasp the remote computer behavior through reports and remote desktops anywhere. The operation is as simple and convenient as checking emails. You can use iMonitor 365 to check monitoring records anytime, anywhere, whether at home or in the field, in the office or on a business trip.

iMonitor 365 comprehensively monitors various computer behaviors: including screenshots, email records, file operation records, website browsing records, online chat records, keylogger records, software usage records, printing records, USB device records, FTP upload/download records, and paste Board records, system event records, etc.

The iMonitor 365 remote monitoring software website filter function can restrict the Internet browsing of the client computer. For the company, after some entertaining video, game, stock type website are added to the blacklist,employees will not be able to browse these websites.

365-website filter

The iMonitor 365 application filter settings. After the software is added to the blacklist, the software will be forcibly prohibited and cannot be opened for use.

365-application filter