With Power Keylogger, you can highlight any recorded web site and choose to block future access with a single click – or – take preventive action and create your own list of web sites to block. Power Keylogger helps parents to quickly monitor children who are using computer inappropriately. It also provides parents with solution to compell them to study. Password keylogger – Power Keylogger is a hidden keylogger that can log all activities performed on your system in your absence. Best invisible keylogger software keeps an eye on each action performed by family members, children, students, employees or workers etc when they use your computer. Power keylogger is a hidden keylogger software which is useful utility to keep full control on computer by recording each and every key pressed on keyboard. Hidden keylogger records keystrokes typed in MS word, Excel, notepad or any browser. Hidden keylogger will not appear on desktop, control panel , add/remove programs and even in installation path folders. PC analyzer displays online chat details, sent/receive emails, website URLs visited, passwords or documents list.