Nowadays, accompanied by the widespread expansion of network, many children spend a mount of time to be addicted in network, such as play online game, chat, even browse some unhealthy website and so on, which result in decreasing vision, low concentration in class, dull-looking and making some bad friends. Do you worried about your child’s online behavior? Can you control your child’s internet time?

The generation of keylogger can help you solve this problems,IMonitor Power Keylogger for is a well designed and all-in-one spy software for home and office use. Monitor how your computer has been used when you are absent. Power Keylogger software works in stealth mode, silently and smoothly.

IMonitor Power Keylogger can secretly record your child’s all computer activities and internet activities, such as email, webmail, instant messages (MSN, ICQ, AIM, Skype and Yahoo Messenger), keystrokes, screenshots, websites history , file activity or all programs user runs and work duration in every application, etc. Additionally it can send logs in HTML format to a pre-set email box.

Meanwhile, keylogger is a computer time control software and parental control software for parents and home use. It allows you to limit and control kids’ computer & internet time and set time limits of kid’s work duration and break duration. If you are concerned about that your children spend too much time on playing online games on the computer. Time Sheriff will offer a solution for you.

As a parents, to be a good guider is quite important for your children, when you find their bad behavior or spending too much time online, you can choose a good way to guide them or limit their internet time through keylogger. Keylogger in IMonitorSoft Companyis affordable and easy to use. If you are troubled by these problems, you will find the powerful feature of keylogger after using it.