IMonitor Power Keylogger features: Record all keyboard input, including Chinese, English, numbers, function keys and keystrokes. QQ chat, MSN chat, send e-mail content and access some websites or mailbox login username and password will be recorded (Hint: Do not use the software for illegal purposes).

Screen record: time of the full screen or active window to save the screenshot, let your computer display and operation well known.

Monitoring the active window: Record all open windows titles and open time, and can block the opening of the title contains the window you specify. Such as: “adult novel” You can put “adult novel” keyword records to add to your ban, so any opening in the title of “adult fiction” window, the software will automatically close the window.

Monitoring program is running: run against the software you specify (the software has been pre-thirty games software), if we find an attempt to run the program you specify the ban will automatically close the program and recorded.

Advanced monitoring features: prohibit the use of chat software (such as QQ, UC, MSN, POPO more than ten species) Internet chat, prohibit the use of IE, Max thon, TT browser software such as web browsing, prohibit the use of a variety of software (such as Thunder and some BT download software) run the download. Prohibits changing the system time, prohibit the use of Task Manager (to prevent the unlawful termination of a running software), registry, control panel and so on.

Senior Auxiliary functions: monitoring software have all the information (key logger, screenshots, records and gigs active window, etc.) sent to the specified mailbox function, so you can easily use the network monitoring. And you can set software password, so do not know the password, the software settings can not be modified or deleted. Software also regular shutdown, you can specify a few sort of shut down the computer every day.