With the increasing of major global dependence on computer networks , LAN is used more and more widely. Because of  network uses , many companies by insiders unconscious or conscious actions cause leaking inside information is likely impose an incalculable loss. Therefore, many companies are giving increasing emphasis on security issues within the networkin during the formation of a local area network connected to the Internet. Meanwhile, LAN monitoring is increasingly being taken seriously attention and many managers realized the necessity and importance of employee computer activity monitoring.Whatever,computer monitoring software is playing an increasingly important role in the enterprise management.

According to the survey, employee Internet access in every day 42% has nothing to do  with their work, 60% access to pornography and other illegal sites amount during working hours; 70% of Internet bandwidth resources are audio, video downloads and other occupation, more than 30% of employees do not explicitly target when using the Internet. Therefore, the risk from the network also will quietly invasion, more and more network exchange inadvertently increased the leakage of corporate information to the enterprise information security risks. For many companies cyber attacks from the outside very body center, but hidden from the internal network, but not too concerned. For internal LAN so insecure, how to implement enterprise LAN monitoring it? Now many companies use firewalls, IDS, etc. have filtering tools can be part of the security features for secure enterprise network management needs. But these traditional devices using passive defense response, suitable for internal LAN management. Either change the traditional business mode of operation to adapt to this profound change, or another way to do LAN monitoring. Experts believe that it is important to monitor the internal LAN, to protect the enterprise network security a top priority, in order to be well managed internal network, LAN monitoring software is preferred, it can give the enterprise LAN management, Employee Internet behavior management can improve employee productivity, stop spam, viruses, Trojan horses and other business interests endanger the safety factors.

Employee computer activity monitoring software is a good method for enterprises to improve efficiency, prevent information leakage, protecting corporate trade secrets.With it, companies can easily manage their own network, and with it, companies can effectively improve employee productivity. iMonitorEAM computer monitoring software born uhder companies’ needs,it is powerful ,functional and  professional computer monitoring software, ensuring 360-degree surveillance, and can form reporting and analysis work,it is your best choice of computer monitoring software.