In the company, it’s difficult for boss to know the work of employees who are not saturated, because all employees will tell the boss that they are very busy at work eight hours a day, also complained about the heavy workload in the super saturated. But actually ¬†there are a lot of staff are not saturated, just put a very busy leading the way to deceive with their spare time access private live.

How to avoid ¬†employees do private live, work reached saturation, so wages, profits and proportional distribution of talent, the boss has been relatively trouble thing. For staff unsaturated take private live issue, 35% of business owners tend to increase the workload of staff; 40% of the private owners tend to use it as the rules and regulations, from the system mandatory for each employee saturation, if their work unsaturated want timely, and appropriate salary adjustments, otherwise once discovered will be dismissed; 25% of business owners will be subject to processing. That means, as the case processing company to install monitoring software on the computer, if found to have staff unsaturated or private living phenomenon has received the initial warning, repeated fines dismissed. This effect is actually helpful for the company’s development.

Since not all employees are working unsaturated, suddenly have increased the workload of the staff will make some outstanding work pressure increases, the quality is not guaranteed, and there will be resistance. Thus the quality and efficiency will be reduced, it is likely the company’s leadership will hold complaining, eventually leading to a gap between the subordinate feelings, can not carry the company’s daily work.

If, as the rules and regulations to the provisions, employees may duplicity, and private things that little trick, leading or not found, although there is no hard evidence but institutionally coerced to control this phenomenon. So the best way is to use employee computer monitoring software with the rules and regulations, both to warn employees not to do other things at work, but also can effectively prevent the provision of those employees when heeded, so that not only solve the boss of the staff work is saturated troubled, and reorganized the company’s discipline, improve the company’s efficiency!

iMonitor employee computer activity monitoring software can always get the employee’s current computer screen shots, and a computer running a slide show playback live within a certain period of time; you can print a document in the case of records of employees; employees can view real-time dynamic desktop; you can page Browse control, mail monitoring, employee online behavior analysis, it can be said to bring a new enterprise network management solutions. To protect the interests of more enterprises, iMonitor software is currently being actively popularized.