Since the beginning of this year, our support team has a project of adjusting our official website. Being in computer security monitoring market many years, employee activity monitoring, instant messenger monitoring ( msn live messenger, yahoo messenger and ICQ etc), keystroke software and email monitoring, in all these aspects, our IMonitor software has been in absolutely leading position, no matter latest technique and support. Always concerned what customers worried is our goal. Computer monitoring issue, specially employee activities monitoring problem has been taken more care by most successful business company, each year, according to latest report of BBC figure, it will be about 1.5 billion pounds wasting which employee put time on online chat, facebook and twitter. And last year our IMonitor company had received more emails which inquired about employee activities monitoring. We are very welcome these inquires and also provides much more details of our EAM products and differences comparing with other popular products. Comparing with other employee activities monitoring software, we are certain we have much priority, but still sometime we can’t satisfied with a small part of customers needs. Knowing our tweaks, and then improving it, that will be our main target of this year. As well optimized our monitoring software for business and home customer is always we need care.

First step we will change over our official website so that it will be more clear for customers knowing which product will be he need. Index page will list our all monitoring products, and then according to targeted groups, monitoring products will be explained in brief about its monitoring features, for example, EAM Professional Edition will be for large business company, since it is all in one monitoring software, including remote desktop monitoring, screenshot record, keylogger monitoring, website monitoring, instant messenger monitoring and more. It will be recommended to our large business customers, satisfied with more than 100 clients monitoring requirements.

More details will be continued on later post.
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