Along with internet growing fast in recent years, easy and fast internet broadband has come into common life. In no doubt, internet is an important innovation for common people in 20 century. Since internet comes into our life, so many traditional life way has been changed, for example, E-Shopping,E-Newspaper and E-Movie which people never heard and used before. But as old folks said, one coin has two sides. The more good sides internet takes to us, the more bad sides it would come along. Now more social expert and parents take internet threats as a serious and in no time being soluted problem. What is the problem? Yes. I think you almost guess right. The problem is internet abuses for our children. If your computer is not taking any proper protection against your children curiosity, for them it is so easy and quick to find some porn pictures and videos. However children are always curious, we can’t kill this natural institute, but we need a proper way and good method to tackle this case.

According to this social focus, IMonitor Company of leader of internet security has taken much time and funds to present much powerful and easy use tool — Time Sheriff.

Time Sheriff currently including most feature parents always worried about. Feature list below

* Limit time your kids spend on the home PC.
* Limit computer time when your child play games.
* Control time when your child work on PC or online.
* Specify time when your child surf the internet.
* Restrict access to computer system time.
* Set work time and break time to protect your kids’ eyesight and health.
* Work in stealth mode, can not be uninstalled without administration password.
* Windows access control.
* Individual application and group limits.
Caring your child growing? Why not try Time Sheriff !!