According to a survey: 70% of employees do private matters during working hours, such as chatting, online shopping, playing games, downloading songs or playing online video, and even browsing the website to find a job waiting in the wings to quit recruiting, or training website to learn something, etc., there are 50% of the employees leaked secret documents or frauded, these actions not only seriously down the efficiency of the enterprise but also bring great economic losses.

Employees leak means: active employees or former employees leak confidential documents to competitors through removable storage devices, network disk, chat, e-mail and other forms of disclosure. Employee fraud means: employees threat to leak or sell confidential documents or data to rival companies for money.

I believe that every manager hates the these acts, however, the rules and regulations made in company will be no effect. If you want to put an end to these violations, in addition to strict rules and regulations, the use of technical means ,for example,software,is the current mainstream. Computer monitoring software is a good choice and i want to recommend a boss essential, stealth mode, fully functional enterprise employee computer behavior monitoring software –iMonitor employee computer monitoring software.

iMonitor employee monitoring software is 360 degrees computer monitoring software (iMonitor EAM can record every computer activities, include keystrokes, clipboard activities, screenshots, file documents(modify, copy, move, paste, delete, rename, create), print jobs, E-mail, webmail(GMail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail and all other popular webmail), online storage usage, FTP file transfer, websites, searches, file downloads, program usage and time, Skype, QQ, ICQ, AIM, Google Talk chat, removable storage usage, application network traffic, system events and so on. )

iMonitor employee computer monitoring software is a centralized computer monitoring software for Large enterprises, middle-sized and small business. Monitor computer and internet activities, track employee work hours, analysis and statistics employee computer usage, detect and terminate all internal unfavorable factors to the company and protect confidential business information.