About one month preparing and half a month developing, finally one new product of IMonitor Software Company has come into beta and test progress. Now let me uncover it, Anywhere Monitor, which is the first of remote monitor logging software in real sense.

In one word, summarizing the key feature of AnyWhere Monitor is unlimited. What specific meaning of unlimited? It includes two part s of meaning, one is no region limitation and the other is no time limitation. Currently popular computer monitoring software, maybe so powerful and fully controlled, but these are only limited in local network. If customers is far from business local network, accessing to monitor and view logs would be impossible.

Comparing to other softwares, IMonitor Software Company provide customers with a perfect solution — Anywhere Monitor. Since Anywhere Monitor is a affiliated product of IMonitor EAM Products, it is absolutely seamless combination with IMonitor EAM Products. Being a “unlimited” remote surveillance software, Anywhere Monitor fully qualify the above required definitions. No region and no time limitation, no matter where customers are and what the time is, if customers want to check out remoted computer activities, it would be much simple and easier than ever, what customer need do is just point your browser to your personal Anywhere Monitor webspace address to view logs from any machines you deploy Anywhere monitor on. No any more remembering IP address troubles. And all the logs will be totally same with these you view on local network, so no any worry about missing anything.

Below is the key features of Anywhere Monitor has, and other software don’t.
* True sense record all activities, real-time and offline logs
Any activity of client computer will be synchronized with local server, and then local server will send everything of clients activities to our Anywhere Monitor webserver in the mean time. That synchronized process would happen in real-time or if client computer being offline, all the logs would be uploaded when it can access local server again. So customers do not have to worry about any missing logs.

* Powerful secure encryption of user data
All logs would be uploaded web server with a secure encryption method, that means every log only be read when it is decrypted of web server. Besides that, Anywhere Monitor also provides powerful password protection to login. The whole login process would be within secure web encryption. So only having correct user info will have the right to access web server and view secure logs.

For now, Anywhere Monitor is in deal time, much benefit back to our new and old customers, so why not go to see and find our by yourself.

Anywhere Monitor website: www.anywheremonitor.com