Anywhere Monitor is a remote monitoring software solution that means absolutely no any limited conditions monitor remote computers. Being the first remote monitor software in real sense, Anywhere Monitor will be really matched “unlimited” to view activity logs from anywhere and anytime.

Anywhere Monitor fully qualify the above required definitions. No region and no time limitation, no matter where customers are and what the time is, if customers want to check out remoted computer activities, it would be much simple and easier than ever, what customer need do is just point your browser to your personal Anywhere Monitor webspace address to view logs from any machines you deploy Anywhere monitor on. No any more remembering IP address troubles. And all the logs will be totally same with these you view on local network, so no any worry about missing anything.

Why is Anywhere Monitor the first remote monitoring software in real sense?

Same with above definition of unlimited, remote monitoring in true sense must be perfectly matched with that. Also all activities logs should be exactly same with local server, that means when customers view logs using Anywhere Monitor, it would be like viewing logs from local server, definitely not any different. Only one thing is changed, now customers may be far away from their business company. Some remote monitor software in market may be qualified with ‘ remote monitoring’, but can not provide all the detailed logs in webspace server. Comparing to the others, Anywhere Monitor just can perfectly do this job.

Anywhere Monitor includes below key features other software can’t have

  • True sense record all activities, real-time and offline logs
  • Powerful secure encryption of user data

Other eading features Anywhere Monitor includes

  • 24/7 real-time logging and access no matter Where and When
  • Uniquemultiple computers activity logs organize and management
  • Real-time Keystroke logs and files activities
  • Best adjustable and compatible with any internet circumstances
  • Completed stealth mode and less cpu usage taken

More information, please feel free to visit Anywhere Monitor website. ( )