Today, I saw one question from Yahoo! Answer about how to backup sent emails. That problem seems so often happening to most computer user. Most computer user so often forgot what he or she had writen, sometimes unfortunately got some important web email lost. For those computer users, best way to tackle with those problem is backuping all sent emails. Along with that, another question shows up in mean time. What is better backuping sent email software? Yes,which one? Before picking up one, some points should be more concerned,including software stability, easy-to-use,security and price that all are boring and confusing for most computer users. However IMonitorsoft,the leader company of computer security, has taken care of all boring problems for computer users. IMonitor EAM Standard Edition would be satisfied most computer users needs.

Before designing and programming IMonitor EAM Standard Edition, IMonitorsoft had put a lot of financial and human resources into what customer worried about. Now the latest IMonitor EAM Standard Edition has taken nearly all popular and useful functions in just one product,some important and necessary functions like Website visited, Chat / Instant Messages record, Document tracking, sent email backup etc (more details please visit IMonitorsoft Home, have been more enhanced and optimized.
Still worried about your sent emails? No, you needn’t, We care.