iMonitor: Hello ,How may I help you?
customer: Hi,it shows me black screen only in live desktop.
iMonitor: The computer is not sleeping?
customer: No.Oh,it’s working now,thanks!I hope i will buy more,like more than 40 soon.Now i will buy 20 after 4 days。I used other spy software before,but firstly i want to make sure if the imonitor software will give the client any alert because i used spysoft and it gave alert….
iMonitor: Our keylogger pro always run in stealth mode, we promise.
customer: Thanks man,you will see how much buseniess i will give you,i have more than 10 users  i think.And is this safe? I mean no one can rip my data and personal information etc? or company data?Your client also?
iMonitor: Sure, your data is safe, we run 7 server and more than 6000 registered computers is using the monitoring software imonitor keylogger pro. All users data is safe.
customer: Wow,that’s great!Thanks
iMonitor: Siemens has been using our iMonitor EAM for 4 year,they purchased 1000 licenses.
customer: I will also purchase more than 50.
iMonitor: And volvo is using our software as well
customer: Step by step,we are in top 5 company in dubai :) as well.
iMonitor: Yes, step by step is a better way.
customer: Thanks a lot man,you have very good support:)thanks!
iMonitor: You are welcome.
customer: Any feed back form?
iMonitor: You can email your feed back to
customer: OK,lovely!I’ll do it.
iMonitor: Thank you.