iMonitor: Hello, How may I help you?
Customer: Hi,i have some questions about your product.
iMonitor: Ok,what’that?
Customer: The Imonitor EAM — does it run invisible or is it visible to my employees?
iMonitor: It is invisible.
Customer: OK,does it have any trigger feature? For example, if someone types in a pre-defined keyword,will it send a message to the admin? Like “secret word” is the keyword,if they type that word will the soft notify me?
iMonitor: Yes, it can detect keywords and send message to admin.
Customer: How does it detect when a file is copied to a jump drive?
iMonitor: It can record all the file usage of the monitored computer even a removable drive and send message to admin frankly, our softwares have almost all monitoring features.
Customer: OK,is there any trial version for limited period of time?
iMonitor: Yes,15 days imonitor EAM free trial.
Customer: The price is a one time payment,right?
iMonitor: Yes.
Customer: So for 15 computers, one time payment is 1000 usd and done?
iMonitor: 15 days , 2 computers for trial version.
Customer: 15 days trial is for 2 computers only,so does that mean 1 server,1 client = 2 computers or 1 server, 2 clients = totally actually 3 computers?
iMonitor: 2 computers totally.
Customer: OK.Is the installation complicated? what is the basic install procedure? For now, 2 computers for demo is OK,but for live operation we will buy 10 or 15 computer packages.
iMonitor: The installation is very can do as the following: 1.Sign up an account .2.Sign in your account,download the agent program and install it on the computer which you want to monitor .3.Log in your account, and start to monitor the computer.
Customer: OK,thank you.
iMonitor: You’re welcome.